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I realize I’ve been AWOL – I spent the last 4 days in a 19th century canvas tent. There are lots of things I love about reenacting and only a few things I miss from the modern world while we’re pretending it’s the 1860s. However, allow me to share with you my belief that indoor plumbing is the greatest invention of the modern world. Just saying.

Unfortunately, while I did knit plenty this past weekend, I don’t actually have any pictures of the knitting. I worked on the Leaf Lace Shawl quite a bit and have finished the leg/heel flap/heel turn of the Dublin Bay Socks. The kitty pi is almost done – which is a good thing since I need to get a Booga Bag churned out by Wednesday – and my rules state that I’m only allowed one “fun” project at a time.

Can I make an addendum to the rules? I think when a gift project presents itself and it’s looming deadline, then all rules should be suspended in order to complete the gift in a timely fashion. What say the masses to this suspension of the rules?

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  1. Do you knit on *modern* needles when in re-enactment mode? Or do you widdle some sticks? 🙂

    BTW-Rules, schmules! That’s just my two cents

  2. I think it should be all fun, all the time! Forget setting rules for hobbies…they’re supposed to be for YOUR enjoyment!

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