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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly #7

Welcome to the newest installment of The Good, The Bad & The Ugly, brought to you by your friends at Carole Knits. Where knitting isn’t the only thing happening.

Good: Last week my stepdaughter, Jessica and I joined the YMCA in our town. We have gone and walked on the treadmill faithfully. I am determined to get my 40 year old body into better physical condition.
Bad: Now that I’ve told you, I can’t back down from this.
Ugly: So far, with the exception of one time, I’m always the fattest person in the exercise room. Sigh.

Good: I received authorization from Blue Cross Blue Shield for a zyrtec subscription until the year 9999. I might not need it for quite that long.

Good: We had new walkways put in at home. No more puddles and mud!

Good: The perennial garden is beautiful right now. I love the lushness of all the plants in May.
Bad: I can already see weeds!

Good: My prize winnings from Ann and Kay arrived. They signed the book for me and it’s fantastic.

Good: Knitting in the Suburban while Dale fills it with gas.
Bad: There are no words. This picture will have to suffice.
Ugly: The tank still wasn’t filled.

Good: My blog schedule. Did you even know I have a blog schedule? My goal is to publish first thing in the morning, Monday – Thursday.
Bad: Schedule disruptions! Hackers! Twice in the last two weeks we’ve had hackers attempt to get into the system and knitblog has crashed and then I can’t post.
Ugly: Me without my blog. It’s not pretty. If you don’t believe me, just ask Lauren. She knows exactly how I feel.

Good: A new haircut.

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  1. Carole girl what kind of vehicle do you drive??? Ugh. That was the scarest photo I’ve seen today! $100 ??? ugh.

  2. Cute haircut! I’ve been enjoying reading your “Good, Bad, and Ugly” series.
    I gasped at your gas pump photo! But then I did the math, and it’s 2.87/gallon. Last week I paid $3.15/gallon for the regular gas. Yikes, I’m glad I don’t drive a Suburban here in Cali!

  3. Have I ever told you how much I love the GBU posts? Everyday I’m thankful for my Toyota. $40 last fillup and that last two weeks if mind my business (no shopping). Your garden is beautiful. Don’t worry about weeds until they are very obvious;-)
    LOVE the new do! I so need a cut. Good for you…just moving the body is good. Don’t worry about weight…you look great!

  4. Seriously! Do you drive a plane? What kind of tank is that – 35 gallons and not even FULL? I hope you’re getting first class service with that kind of price tag. 😉 (That’s a lot of freakin’ yarn by the way. Maybe you could knit yourself a car?)

  5. Yeah, I’m glad my gas tank isn’t as large as yours! So glad I drive a nice, little sedan these days . . . not that I’m trying to rub it in, because I’m not! Just . . . saying! This is crazy.

    And yes, your haircut looks wonderful!

  6. Good new haircut indeed – so cute! Your walkways and flowers are beautiful, too.

    And I’m with you on the gym thing…I’ve taken up jogging, kind of, but I haven’t told anyone, so that I can flake out without too much guilt. So much for that, I guess. I try not to be self conscious while I’m out there, but it’s hard. Yeah. *sigh* Good luck!

  7. The new ‘do is so cute! But how will it look in your civil war regalia? Better get knitting on some little snoods to cover that 21st century look!!
    I checked out some gyms recently and felt conspicuous just standing at the counter, making inquiries!

  8. Kicky haircut.
    Your garden is beautiful- we share the same stone pavers bordering our garden beds! Amazing how the grass and weeds sneak in between the pavers and into the beds…

  9. What do you drive? A Hummer? Actually it’s probably a Beetle with these prices, sheesh!

    LOVE your G,B & U posts and LOVE the new do!!

  10. I’m so glad you have more Good than you have Bad and Ugly. But that Ugly Gas Thing is about as Ugly as it can get. 🙁 But maybe if you have to walk everywhere you go, you won’t have to go to the Y!! See, a bright side! LOL

  11. I can empathise with the pump… I have a Nissan V6 truck with a tank that now takes over $50 to fill.. I am rethinking lots of things in my life, and at least blogging doesn’t involve driving. Love the walkway in the garden.

  12. Hi Carole! I didn’t want to just be a reader anymore! Love the walkway!! We’ll have to come over and test it out!! See you soon. Deb

  13. 35 gallons? Mmm … do you really drive a tank?
    I am so jealous of your autographed copy of MDK!!!

  14. First, you never know. You could get some fancy life-extension treatment in the year 2040 and live until 9999. Weird.

    Lovely new walkway, flowers, and new haircut!

    That shot of the gas pump actually made me shout “Oh. My. God” out loud. At my desk. So sorry.

  15. mmm. treadmill – I’ve been convinced to try to go from couch to 5k in I forget how long the training period is…I too am trying to get more fit! the plan is at if I remember correctly. Garden looks amazing, gas pump looks depressing 🙁 Haircut looks fantastic 🙂

  16. Eww! The price tag on that gas is one of the ugliest things I have ever seen!

    However, the new haircut is one of the cutest!!

  17. the new ‘do is adorable, but i’m a littl concerned that it might not be period accurate — you know– with the civil war thing.

    i love yoru walk way and i can see a porch back there.

    and finally, boy am i ever glad i drive a mini.

    (i’m not rubbing it in though. you saw the truck that joe drives. it’s the same thing. he stops at $50 a pop and barely makes it to half a tank)

  18. 1-LOVE the new hair cut. (Are those highlights, too?)
    2-GREAT brick work walkway
    3-Love your garden
    4-WTF Gass? If I didn’t see your sock, I’d swear it was a joke. That’s f’ing crazy! Do you know how much yarn that is????

  19. Cute haircut! This seems like it was a lot more good than bad or ugly. But dang, talk about sticker shock…

  20. That gas purchase is the ugliest Ugly of all time …. ouch.

    But the haircut is kicky and wonderful, and the walkways look great ….. so the good outweighs the bad.

  21. OMG, OMG, OMG I Freaking LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair.
    I can’t comment on the gas price. I’m still in shock. But for crip sake I LOVE your hair!!

  22. Yikes! I thought I was paying alot when my gas went over $30… holey moley.

    Wishing you the best of luck with the new exercise regimen. Don’t think about the other people there – this is something I have struggled with too (and I am *still* the biggest girl in the room) but you are there, and you are moving, and loving your body just by doing it.

    Love the walkway! We are planning to do something like this next to our new pond!

  23. LOVE your hair! You DID get it chopped off eh?

    I’m in shock over your gas total. Holy F***.

    Great walkways. I don’t see weeds. You want weeds? You should see mine, some are knee high already. Ugh.

  24. Cute haircut! And (I missed this post) the Cheese Whiz socks are Way Cool. Boo to hackers: Why not use your power for good instead of evil you lazy jerks?

  25. Your flowers and walkway are beautiful. Nice hair cut. The gas prices have gotten ridiculous! We’re up to almost 3 dollars a gallon here. Pretty we’ll have to start riding our bikes!

  26. Love the haircut, the sidewalk, the perennial beds. I love gardening at this time of year; too bad I lose interest in July and August. Bugs and heat and lack of water. See ya, garden.

  27. I love the hair, the book, and the sock. Not so much with the gas prices. Yeesh.

    I keep telling myself I”m going to join the rec center just down the street from my office and waddle along on the treadmill at lunchtime, but I fear being the fattest person there AND the possibility that there will be a line to waddle, which would irritate the bejesus outta me.

  28. Ouch. You made me feel a little bit better about filling the 25 gallon tank in my Durango. It was only $60 last weekend. Damn that’s a lot of yarn in that tank!

    Good luck on the gym thing. I’m hoping I get hired soon by the temp gig as there is a health club. I’d really love to get this just shy of 40 bod into shape as well.

  29. Love the new walkways and your perennial garden is so pretty. I can’t wait to do something here at my house like that. The previous owners weren’t into landscaping very much.
    Good for you for working out. I sit on my butt way too much!

  30. OK – I LOVE YOUR BRICK WALKWAY! Did you guys do that yourselves? That is our next project… but I have to say – it’s wonderful.

    Good for you on the gym – and thanks for noticing my ‘toning’ up in the DFS pictures. I’m down 10 pounds now!

    The haircut is awesome!

  31. Great hair! If you need snoods for your reenactments, I have a few crocheted ones I can let you have.

    The garden and walkway are great; the gas pump makes me very glad I use public transportation. What you paid there would get me unlimited bus use for two and a half months.

  32. You know that I love the hair :-)! The walk looks great. Regarding the exercise, I’m with you — I’m actually in the midst of my “40th” plan!

  33. garden is gorgeous..
    gas is rotten – it’s $3.15/ gallon her in Pac NW
    and I’m dreading the first show-on-the-road fiber fair when we drive our RV.. sigh..
    New haircut – fab.. just perfect for summer.

  34. Haircut – very good!
    Joining the Y – very good!
    New walkway- very good!
    Garden even with weeds – very very good!
    Sock in suburban – equally good!

    Gas prices – very very very bad (and we know why)

    Have a great weekend! Are you going to the Maryland fiber fest? If so, please take pictures………and have a good time.

  35. Nice haircut. Love the flowers. The gas – my jaw dropped. So glad I’m without a car right now!

    Congrats on the winnings and on the exercise! You can do it! 🙂

  36. That total right there is the reason why I put off filling the Jeep until RR and I are going somewhere together – and then he pays for the fillup *grin*

    Did I tell you that I love your hair when I saw you last week? ‘cuz if I didn’t I suck and I’m sorry. I love your hair!! ;o)

  37. Carole, have I mentioned I enjoy your good, bad and ugly posts? Your new walkways look great. New haircut looks great :o)

  38. Love the haircut, Carole. And the gas pump photo actually gave me a bit of a lift. I filled my minivan tank for less than $40.00 today and that should last me nearly two weeks. Although, by my calculation, it now costs me more than $3.00 every day just to go back and forth to work. Aaah, at least I can walk to my LYS.

  39. I too really enjoy the GBU series. Funny, thought-provoking, downright scary at times. And…I’m with Margene — the hair is lovely, walk on the treadmill ’cause it makes you feel better and don’t sweat the rest. You look mahhhvelous.

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