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Fear Factor

Teyani left the 10,000th comment last night at 7:26 pm. Thank you all for every comment. Your encouragement, advice, and support is so important to me. Not to mention the wise cracks and sarcasm. Heh.

So. I thought I was afraid of cables. Turns out that fear was all in my head. Behold the progress on Dale’s Cable Moss Vest.


That is the back almost to the point of the armhole decreases. This cable knitting with worsted weight yarn (Classic Elite Skye Tweed, in case you’re wondering) goes pretty durn fast.

I got lots of hints and help, including a fabulous cable needle from Maryse and some real-time positive reinforcement on the difficulty of memorizing cable symbols from Martha. Lois gave me what is perhaps the best hint of all, though. She told me to color the chart with colored pencils. So, I colored the symbols in the key to match the symbols on the chart.


Isn’t it pretty? And it’s so easy to read now. It really really takes the confusion right out of those scary symbols.


I’m showing you a close up because I’m just so damned proud of myself and the conquering of the cable fear factor. Now if you could all just cross your fingers that I don’t run out of yarn.

Fear Factor. It’s not just about cables anymore.

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  1. That is absolutely wonderful! What a great idea color coding the chart. Will have to keep that in mind when I venture into the land of cables.

  2. Goodness, Carole. That is absolutely gorgeous. A labor of love. And I LOVE the “color the cables in” idea. Thanks.

  3. Fabulosowonderful! Nice work. Coloring in the symbols is a great idea. I’ve used that many times but it’s been so long since I’ve knit cables I’d forgotten that tip. It’s wonderful to have help and suggestions from blogger buddies. Your cables are great!

  4. Congrats. on your 10,000th comment. That is truely impressive.

    Beautiful cables! Did any of us really believe that Carole wouldn’t be a natural at this? Nah, not really. I’m glad to see that you’ve realized what the rest of us already knew! I love the fact that you started with a nice complex cable pattern! You’ve got cables twisting in every direction on your first cable project! Amazing.

    Did you get that Skye Tweed from Elann? I picked some up but I’m thinking I like your color better than the one I chose. Ah, well.

  5. I knew you could do it!! Isn’t cabling like magic. It looks so hard but once you know the trick it isn’t hard at all. The vest is coming along great!
    So now tell us, what are you going to tackle next?

  6. Cheers, Carole! Cables really leave a knitter impressed with themselves, and your cables are pretty intense for a former cable-phobe!

  7. OMG, you’ll be getting a cease and desist letter about that title. 🙂

    Excellent cables, and an even better tip about the chart-coloring. Damn, that’s going to be helpful!!!

  8. Your vest looks wonderful! Congratulations on conquering the scary-looking cables. They’re not really that hard, are they? VERY good job!

  9. Your cables look great. Congrats on conquering your fear and on the 10,000th comment. I never thought of color coding the cable symbols. That’s a great idea and I’ll have to try it.

  10. Yay, Teyani! And you shoudl be proud – those are complicated cables! Coloring in the chart is a great idea, and pretty too.

  11. You are a cabling pro now. I would have never guess that this was your first time by the quality of the outcome.
    What a great tip from Lois to color coordinate the cables. I need to do that for my Durrow – just to make it easier on my eyes.

  12. You have every reason to be proud … it looks fantabulous!

    Color coding the symbols is a stroke of genuis. I’m gonna start doing that.

  13. WOW–I love that pattern, and you are doing so well with it–see, you had nothing at all to be scared of! The fun thing about cables is it keeps you going…you want to do row after row to see the pattern emerge and before you know it you’re done!

  14. It looks beautiful – the yarn, the cables, all of it. Good for you for fighting the cable monster and winning. 🙂

  15. The color coding is a brilliant tip. I would never have thought of it, and it’s such a great idea. Your vest looks fantastic.

  16. Hooray!!! It looks great! If you think it’s going fast now – take a stab at learning to cable without a needle – 2X as fast! Good tip on the color coding.

  17. The coloring is such a great idea! Never though of it, but I can totally see how helpful it would be for a chart with many different types of cables!

  18. wow-I just assumed you knew all that stuff! There’s hope for me yet. That’s one striking pattern! Thanks for the tips too, looks like the color chart would something that help me tremendously. Sorry, it’s early-I don’t have any good wisecracks yet 😉

  19. Oh soooo pretty! Just wait until you block them and they really blossom and pop for you. I did my Rogue in Skye Tweed and almost cried aftwer it was blocked the cables looked so beautiful.

  20. yay!!! i’m so proud of you!! and that color coding of the chart is genius. see i told you cables were easy.

    damn, see what happens when i don’t look at bloglines during work hours? i almost missed seeing this!

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