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NaKniSweMo — Check!

Hannah wore her finished Central Park Hoodie on Thanksgiving, for which we were both thankful. She was thankful for a cozy new sweater and I was thankful that it fit because it sure seemed small to me. But Hannah assures me that it fits just the way she wanted and she has already worn it twice since then so I guess I finally hit the jackpot with a handknit for Hannah.

You’re really here for the pictures, though, aren’t you? Never let it be said that I don’t deliver.

The commitment to NaKniSweMo is complete!

The yarn is Plymouth Galway Highland Heather bought from kpixie.

The pattern, I understand, is currently unavailable as the issue of KnitScene is sold out. However, according to the Central Park Hoodie Knitalong Site, it will become available as a downloadable PDF from Knitting Daily some time in December 2007. So, if you haven’t bought this pattern yet, keep the faith. Frankly, a downloadable PDF would have been my preference as Interweave soaked me $5 shipping when I bought the back issue of KnitScene.

The buttons came from Saftlers.

The attitude came from the teenager.

The knitting skillz came from Mom. And that makes the teenager happy. I’m thankful that something does.

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  1. That’s exactly how I want mine to fit too! Not too tight but not all loose and baggy. Love it! I’m loving Hannah’s glasses too, they look awesome on her.

  2. Beautiful job!!! I wish I could knit that fast!! You seem to get things done so quickly and what great results!! I’m sure Hannah is very proud of her mama!

  3. Great job and VERY cute daughter! I understand that the reissue of the pattern is going to include some larger sizing, so I think I’ll wait, even though I clipped the original from the magazine and saved it. I like my sweaters a little more roomy!

  4. So cute! I’ve been trying to get my hands on a copy of the pattern, and was thrilled to hear that it might be published on Knitting Daily. I had no doubt about your skillz, but kudos for knitting a sweater that’s been worn twice already — that is the REAL accomplishment:)

  5. That is gorgeous!!! The sweater and your daughter of course. You are a very talented lady. Thank you for posting everyday.

  6. No kidding – what is the DEAL with that shipping? I bought a back issue of IK to get Swallowtail and nearly had a tizzy at the idea of paying $12 for a stupid magazine. (But I did it anyway.)
    Nice job on the sweater – it looks very nice on her.

  7. She looks adorable in it! Nice job! Just think, a year ago you still hadn’t ventured out into the world of cables and now look!

  8. The sweater is perfect! And Hannah looks smashing in it. (I’m sure she looks smashing in just about anything, though.) Count me in as one of those people who bought the back issue at a ridiculous price. Sheesh.

  9. Yowza! They both look great! WTG with meeting the challenge and can you please tell Hannah to stop growing. She’s gone from little girl to beautiful young woman way to quick for this reader. 🙂

  10. What a beautiful girl! From what I read about baseball..she probably get’s some of the attitude from her mother! 😉

    What a beautiful sweater! I love the charcoal color. It can go with anything. I sure wish I was THAT small. I’d look good and save money on yarn!

  11. You have laid in a supply of sticks, I hope and trust?

    The sweater and the model were clearly made for each other (and by the same person, surely not a coincidence).

  12. It is fabulous!

    Though to be honest, if I was that slim, I’d be smiling in a potato sack, Moms skillz notwithstanding!

  13. Lovely sweater and photoshoot. I hear you about the $5. Happened to me once. Makes you stop and think…do I REALLY want X pattern for X cost? THEN? Interweave Knits website got hacked and my credit card info was stolen. Had to cancel the damn card. They took over a month to let me know it had been done. The 800# they sent me to answer questions? No one manning the phone for three days.
    I like Paypal and PDFs now.

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