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Finishing Contest

As you know, I have a new sweater for Rhinebeck.  I’d also like to have new socks.  And new fingerless mitts.

This is where I am on my Fallen Leaves Socks.

One sock finished and the second sock has about another 1.5 inches before I start the toe decreases.

This is where I am on Genmaicha.

One mitt finished and the second one is halfway through the cuff.

Both photos were taken yesterday at 4pm.

Let’s have a little contest, shall we?  Leave me a comment guessing whether I’ll finish the socks, the mitts, both or neither.  I’ll do a random drawing from all the correct guesses.  The winner will get a little something from Rhinebeck.

Sound like fun?  Get those guesses in by Sunday night at 9 pm Eastern time.

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  1. A definite yes on the socks. As for the mitts, yes if you’re heading to Rhinebeck on Saturday but maybe not if you’re heading out tomorrow night. I’ll be there just during the day on Saturday, hope to see you!

  2. Easy peasy. You’ll get them done. Unfortunately I won’t be there to see them 🙁 so I am glad I got to see you in NH. Have a great time!

  3. You will get them both finished! You are a fast knitter and have no multi-tasking issues.

    See you at Rhinebeck! I am looking forward to it – it is my first time. Ah yes, a Rhinebeck Virgin!

  4. I think you’ll finish the socks before you leave and will be tucking in the ends on the mitts as you pull into wherever you park at Rhinebeck!

  5. I have faith in you and I’m sure that you’ll finish both. There’s no stopping a determined knitter – especially when the finish line is in sight.

  6. You’ll finish both – and those mitts are definatlely blue on this computer!! Have a teeeee-rrific time. Hugs and kisses to all!

  7. I think the socks will be finished before you hit the road, and the mitt will be road knitting. Whether it gets finished before you get there depends on who’s driving!

  8. You’re such a speedy knitter, based on the frequency of FOs you show here….I’m betting you’ll get both of them done. Maybe one or the other will be finished on the way, but both will be done in time to wear them there!! Have a great time! 😀

  9. If you leave work at 4, get throuugh dinner and sit down by 6 the socks can be done by 7. Then moving to the mitten you can knock those off by 10 if CSI isn’t a cliff hanger. Worst case you are doing mitten ribbing in the AM. Long story short. BOTH.

  10. OOh I’ll de-lurk for this one. Without a doubt, you’ll finish both! You’re a whizz on those teensy little needles!

  11. Definitely the socks, hopefully the mitts…
    But definitely both by the time you need them at Rhinebeck!1

  12. By now the sock is probably finished. How far is it to Rhinebeck? How much will you be driving? You’ll get them both done! I bet you knit faster under pressure!!! Have fun!!!

  13. Both, of course.

    By now, the sock is done and that leaves plenty of time for you to finish the mitt, wash and block them all and pack for Rhinebeck.


  14. I think you’ll more than likely finish both before you reach Rhinebeck and will have started a lovely scarf on the ride there.

    Have fun! I am so hoping to get to Rhinebeck next year as I’ve never been to that festival.

  15. Oh I think you’ll get both done, you crank projects out so fast! BTW, I’m a new commenter on your blog, having only discovered it a week or two ago. You’ve really inspired me to work on my knitting!

  16. Another de-lurker, but long-time reader and fan . . .

    I have the utmost confidence in your ability to finish both, Carole! The number of beautiful projects that you complete always amazes me!

  17. You will definitely finish the socks. You might cut it close on the mitts, but I think you can do it. Are you driving or passengering to Rhinebeck?

  18. I need one piece of information. Are you driving to Rhinebeck, or passenger-ing?

    In case we need to guess without that key bit of information, I say you’ll finish both, but you’ll be finishing (or at least weaving in ends) in the car on the way! 🙂

  19. both, for sure – there are too many people thinking good “hurry, hurry” thoughts for you not to.

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