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Another Year of Wedded Bliss

Yesterday was our 12th wedding anniversary.  12 years!  I know it’s cliche but time sure does fly.

We spent the day doing some of our favorite things.  We started off at Bass Pro Shops where we picked out a new hummingbird feeder.  After that we headed to Plymouth.


The sky was blue and the water was blue and the grass was green.  The air was chilly but the sun was warm and it was really nice to just sit on the rocks and enjoy being outside.


We had drinks and delicious food at our favorite Plymouth restaurant and then we walked around a bit.  We finished the trip off with ice cream.

It was certainly low-key but it was fun to just be together with no other obligations.  I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

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  1. I love to see people happily married. Just like me and DH!! I am glad you made it special!!! Happy Aniversary!!!!

  2. Happy anniversary. That sounds like the perfect way to celebrate. We celebrated 15 years on friday with work and errands. I like your way better.

  3. happy anniversary!! it sounds like you had a fabulous low-key day to celebrate 🙂

  4. No better way to celebrate you two together than you two together! Congratulations on 12 years and MANY happy returns!

  5. Happy Anniversary – and we all raise our glasses to you, with a toast of congratulations and wishes for a joyous next 12 !

  6. Congrats! Weatherwise, it’s been very Novemberish around here, so I’m glad you had a good day down there on the (almost) “other” Cape.

  7. Happy anniversary! It’s the no other obligations part that I could really go for. (When we celebrated our 12th anniversary I was pregnant with Taz. Be glad you’re done with that part.)

  8. 12 years! You’re still newlyweds. Well, so many people don’t make it past ONE these days, you are a statistic, either way! Happy Anniversary you two!

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