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Ten On Tuesday

It’s November and that means the holidays and all the busy-ness and crazy-ness that comes with that time of year is right around the corner. Today’s Ten On Tuesday topic is designed to help us all not just survive but thrive through this season.  Presenting: 10 Ways to Simplify Your Life!

Onions Carrots and Celery blog size

Nothing is more simple than sauteing onions, celery and carrots to go in a big pot of homemade chicken and rice soup.

  1. Plan your meals. It’s so much easier to shop and cook if you know what you are making for dinner each night. I plan for the upcoming week on Friday and do my food shopping accordingly.
  2. Stock your pantry. Buy staples like flour and sugar when they are on sale. It’s much easier to bake and cook when you don’t have to worry about running out of something.
  3. Organize before things get out of control. My craft room has gotten quite messy over the last few months and I plan on spending some time this Friday straightening up and organizing. It will make my knitting and spinning much easier and more productive in the future.
  4. Keep a to-do list. It helps with work tasks and it helps with home tasks and it keeps you on track.
  5. Use online banking. I have direct deposit and pay my bills online. It saves money and it makes things simple and easy to track.
  6. Coordinate your errands. When I can’t avoid running errands I coordinate them in a loop. Post office, bank, grocery store, whatever it is, I map it out and make a list so I don’t forget anything.
  7. Use an organizing app. I love Splash Shopper and use it for grocery lists and travel lists and reading lists. It makes it easy to check things off on an electronic list than to try and remember everything.
  8. Shop online. There’s not much you can’t find on and if you’re an Amazon prime member you get free 2 day shipping. The less you have to go to the store the more time you will have.
  9. Prioritize. Honestly, if you prioritize what matters and eliminate everything else your life will be very simple.
  10. Live in the moment. This is something I strive for but it’s a goal more than a reality. When it works, though, and when I am in the moment, everything becomes more simple.

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.  ~Confucius

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  1. a very timely prompt, Carole, thanks! our lists have a lot in common, but I especially like your #10 and the closing quotation. great reminders, both!

  2. Need to check out Splash Shopper. Great list! I’m a big online banking fan. $0.44 saved with each bill, plus the cost of checks.

  3. “When I can’t avoid running errands…” – that made me laugh. I like to make a loop, too. Thanks for mentioning Splash Shopper. I’ll check it out!

  4. Very good list and reminder for everyone. You definitely have the
    organization of a teacher/librarian!! ;)) Happy day today to you!!

  5. Inspiring list, Carole! I just finished this morning’s “to do” list prior to logging on. My list has me going to the bank because I do not direct deposit. I really should set that up! Hope your day is terrific!

  6. I love this!! What a great list. I do almost everything you suggest, but I sometimes stray and that’s when I get into trouble. When my room is cleaned up to my satisfaction, I’m going to start on my pantry. Having it organized helps in meal preparation, too. Thanks for inspiring us!

  7. I completely agree with #5 – I don’t have to physically pay a single monthly bill. Or go to the bank. It is strange.

    I had to send in my car registration last month and I actually had to find the checkbook, an envelope and one of those stamp thingies. Very surreal.

    #8 as well: I have become a HUGE fan of Zappos. They do free shipping each way, so if you get something that you don’t like or doesn’t fit, just send it back. (I sound like a commercial, but I use them a lot).

  8. I’ve never heard of Splash Shopper but I’ll have to check it out. I recently started using online banking and I love it. So much simpler.

  9. Very good list! While I do many of the same things…you have inspired me to do a few more. I will definitely check out splash shopper. 🙂

  10. I did my own list this week 🙂 But yours is a very good one. I too have not paid a routine bill with a check in a stamped envelope in years.

  11. I have ONE simple rule which I devised in 1970 or so. Divide my to-do list into want-tos, shoulds, and musts and throw out the shoulds.

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