A Cat’s Life

In my next life, I want to be a pampered and well loved house cat.

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  1. nestra says

    We have 2 Siamese cats, ok really they are my DH’s and they tolerate me in the house. Strange and crazy little creatures but we love them.

  2. Geri says

    No kidding! This spring we lost our sweet Max after 19 wonderful years. He had the most engaging personality which made the most reluctant cat person warm up to him.

  3. says

    So true! Ours live quite the life, and every once in a while, my husband will say, “Why do THEY get all the perks?” (Usually as he’s giving them shrimp from our dinner or something.)

    That is a pretty kitty, though. Give him a belly rub (if allowed) from me.

  4. Jo says

    All pet lovers can relate to this post! My dogs totally have the life…however they do return lots and lots of unconditional love. I read an article just yesterday documenting that babies living in homes with pets have fewer illnesses than those in pet free homes.

  5. jill says

    My big boy is ooh’ed and aah’ed over hourly. I can’t imagine life without a cat. Mason is beautiful!

  6. says

    We have said that ourselves. Our cats have a wonderful life (except for the self-feeding feeders, that have been empty roughly forever).