Thirsty Thursday

There’s so much to do this time of year – shopping and baking, wrapping and socializing, selling Christmas trees for our Kiwanis club and the list goes on and on. It makes it harder than ever to get to the gym but at the same time it’s more important than ever. All those extra tasks mean extra stress. And gawd knows the baking and socializing means extra calories. There’s nothing better for coping with stress and burning off calories than running a couple of miles on the treadmill.

It helps with the extra wine consumption, too.

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  1. says

    You’re so right, Carole! I joke that, “I work out so I can eat cookies.” But there’s a lot of truth in that statement! (Really. . . I work out so I can drink wine.)

  2. Dee says

    Yep – had almost this same conversation with my trainer this morning. I’m focusing on maintaining (and not gaining any weight) and keeping my sanity this year! Exercise definitely helps.

  3. Catie says

    Love me some Cupcake! Enjoy the bonus wine consumption, but save me some bubbles, ’cause that’s my holiday drink of choice!!