And I’m Crocheting

My love affair with crochet is a fickle one but apparently it’s on again. Maybe this time it will last long enough for me to actually finish a project.

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  1. says

    I have that same kind of love affair with crochet. Every once in a while, I go on a tear . . . then don’t pick it up again for years! That’s a darling bag, though! Should be kinda quick in crochet! :-)

  2. Manise says

    Cool bag and pretty colors! I need a Maryse crochet lesson. I got part way through a potholder and am now stuck.

  3. says

    love the colors… I do hope it sticks because I’d love to see how it turns out. (fortunately, I’m only tempted to pick up a crochet hook to finish an edge, or pickup a stitch :-)

  4. says

    I wish crochet loved me more as it causes my wrist to ache (getting old is not fun!). You’ll love having that bag at the beach!!

  5. Robby says

    It seems it is the crochet that is fickle. I get the whim every few years, relearn whatever I need to know and then, it is off to flirt with someone else. Perhaps springtime is the instigating force, I’ve recently been tempted to consider a shawl via crochet. We will see.

  6. Jo says

    Cool bag! The fact that you crochet at all is great. So many people I know love to crochet or love to knit…but rarely both.

  7. jill says

    What a marvelously retro bag! A terrific bag to pack a lunch, tuck a book, and head out for a bike ride. Well worth your time, indeed, Carole!

  8. says

    I just finished that crocheted blanket and I’m ready to start another crochet project, except I just bought yarn to knit a sweater for my new nephew so that’s next. It must be contagious – my daughter started crocheting a blanket this weekend too. And she’s just about done!

  9. Doris says

    I have seen that bag pattern before and it is adorable! Can’t wait to see yours when it is finished.

  10. says

    Hm, I wouldn’t exactly call mine a “love affair.” It’s more of an occasional dalliance! Haha. There is something about it, isn’t there? Looking great, Carole, and it would be a fun item to have and use!