Happy 4th of July!

We’re celebrating the 4th of July today with a little music, a little grilling, and a patriotic type of Eye Candy. I do love me some Americana decorating. I also love me a long weekend and I’m about to take another one. Can you believe it?

See you all on Monday!

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  1. says

    Happy 4th! And happy long weekend! I’m SO, SO glad I have 4 days off. I’m going to fit in everything I can (including some down time). Enjoy! xoxo

  2. carol says

    I just ran across your website and I love it. Yay on running and leading a more healthy life! I am a school librarian and I have to agree with you….that libraries are one of the best things going on.
    I read your about me list and I think we may be related! Just thought you deserved to know what a cute and uplifting website you have!