Eye Candy Friday

Zinnias are such perfect summer flowers, aren’t they? They grow and blossom and don’t need any special attention, just sunlight and water. I love having them all around my foundation and I love cutting them and bringing them in the house, too.

It’s the first weekend of August – make the most of it!

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  1. says

    Oh yeah. I love the vibrance and variety of zinnias. I don’t have any of my own, but sure enjoy everyone else’s! 😉

  2. jill says

    Wonderful photo, Carole. I love the clarity of both color and texture. Happy weekend to you too!

  3. says

    Eye Candy indeed. One of my neighbors has zinnias in her front beds and I’m tempted to wander into her yard for a photo. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. says

    My grandmother kept a garden on the farm that had about the same footprint as a (large) ranch house. The longer side that bordered her lawn featured a full-length row of Zinnias, which she cut for table bouquets. I wonder how many seed packets of Zinnias she purchased each spring?

  5. says

    Third blog in a row that has me tempted to paint flowers. First daisies, then lilies, now zinnias. It’s an escape just like knitting. I want to try and paint everything.