Adventures of Dale and Carole: Provincetown

Last Friday Dale and I took the ferry from Plymouth to Provincetown. While we live very close to Cape Cod, Provincetown is the very end of the Cape and it’s a 2 hour drive from our house – and that’s without traffic. The ferry is a fun way to get there, plus you can enjoy a Bloody Mary on the way which is frowned upon when you’re driving.

leaving plymouth harbor for carole knits

It leaves from the same pier where the Mayflower is docked and that means you get some pretty cool views of the Mayflower as you depart.

arriving ptwon for carole knits

And an hour and a half later you arrive in Provincetown. The tall tower you see in that photo is the Pilgrim Monument which commemorates the fact that the Pilgrims arrived in Provincetown first and spent 5 weeks there before they left and settled in Plymouth instead.

ptown street for carole knits

Our day in Ptown, as it’s commonly called, was spent walking through the West End, window shopping, people watching, and eating. The only purchase I actually made was a package of swizzle sticks but we certainly enjoyed the galleries and shops even if we didn’t open our wallets.

flower garden gold house for carole knits

The flowers are beautiful this time of year and so many of the homes have lovely little gardens right on the street. You walk a little, you enter stores a little, you take some photos and, in doing so, you work up an appetite.

lobster pot for carole knits

We had lunch at the iconic Lobster Pot. It’s the first time we’ve ever eaten here as I always thought it was a tourist trap but the truth is that it’s excellent. Dale had a lobster roll and I had a seafood cobb salad that included both lobster meat and crab meat and they had Cape Cod beer on draft which made both of us happy. We had a perfect table with an awesome view and there was even a bit of entertainment as a man dressed as a pilgrim gave us a brief history lesson (complete with song!) about the Pilgrims time in Ptown.

After lunch there was a bit more time for walking and people-watching and ice cream – a cone of peppermint stick ended my day perfectly, I must say. And then we got back on the ferry and headed home, full of lobster and ice cream and memories of a day well spent.

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  1. Robby says

    Sounds like a perfect summer day in a place I’d love to visit. Color me green with envy.

  2. says

    What a FUN day! I love visiting little seaside (or, here in Michigan, lakeside) towns. Lots of charm and a relaxed pace. Of course, we don’t have Pilgrims here in Michigan . . . 😉

  3. Michelle says

    A wonderful arm chair trip to Providencetown Very lovely and the true essence of Summger!


  4. says

    If I ever get to Cape Cod again I must spend more time wandering the streets of Ptown. Looks like very fun and relaxing day! xox

  5. says

    We have been to P-town twice since we moved here but both times it was out of season. I didn’t even know about the ferry. That seems like a much better option. What a fun day!

  6. says

    Looks like a fun time! (And that Cobb salad sounds divine!)

    My sister has a time-share in Provincetown, but I’ve never been there. Maybe one of these days she’ll invite me…

  7. says

    What a perfect day. We’ve never been on the east coast. If we ever get there, it’d be fun to spend a day like yours. :)

  8. Linda says

    My husband and I and my parents went on vacation to Cape Cod a zillion years ago. I loved it! And then just two weeks or so ago, my husband and his sister and other family members went there for a destination wedding for a grandson and his bride. They stayed in some place that was like an old camp or something. No a/c, no tv, no phones.
    I stayed home and got some “me” time…

    Linda in VA