Eye Candy Friday

library sunset for carole knits

Not all pretty sunsets happen at the beach, some of them happen right outside your office door. I snapped this photo at the library one evening as I was leaving. The sky was glowing and absolutely beautiful.

Look for the beauty outside your own door this weekend, my friends!

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  1. says

    One thing about the changing season: The sunsets are pretty awesome!
    Have a great weekend, Carole! (And that beauty is everywhere. . . such a great reminder.)

  2. says

    Love the golden skies his time of year. Everything is infused with the warmth of the sun and the beauty is only a glance away. I see a mountain drive in my future. xox

  3. says

    What a lovely “quick capture” you grabbed! I had a similar sunrise one on Thursday morning as I was commuting to a different office site. The skies are magnificent this time of year!