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A Month of Photos: October 2014

First of all, thank you for commenting on my posts over the weekend! I’m sure you were surprised to see me show up in your feed reader (I use feedly, in case you are wondering, and I’m very happy with it) on Saturday and Sunday. Quite frankly, your comments and encouragement were a delight to read and there truly are days when that keeps me going. Yes, that is a blatant plea for more comments. So there.

Since it’s the beginning of November it’s time to look back on the pictures I took during the month of October.

october mosaic

What strikes me when I look at that mosaic is all of the orange and red and yellow. It’s what I would expect for the month of October but it’s great to actually see it all together like that. And also parties and King Richard’s Faire and the last of the outdoor flowers since we’re moving into the brown months here. Yesterday, though it was white as we had snow for the first time this season. To say I was not pleased would be an understatement.

And yet, it’s November and I will find pretty things to photograph because it’s simply

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  1. Your photo collage simply glows! That is what I love about fall! All the bright orange, red and yellow is the splash of color we need to hold onto all winter long!

  2. Oh, yes! Remember that color! (Because those Brown Months are on the doorstep. . .) I love it when you group your photos for the month. Each “collage” really shows the flavor-of-the-month! Lovely.

  3. Love all the bright yellow, fiery red, and warm toasty oranges … sad that they will all be gone within a few weeks. We’ll be left with shades of brown, and while I generally like brown, it does get bleak to look out at nothing but brown.

  4. Those colors really popped out at me, too. My thought was, Carole has such a good eye for composition, even her mosaics all seem to go together! (We won’t talk about yesterday’s game, eh?)

  5. That was my first though, too (other than, “Nice photos!”); there’s sure a lot of red & orange!! ‘Tis the season for that, too! 😉

  6. Same! The colors are wonderful. My favorite is the cranberry bog, bringing great memories of my Wareham world. Snow never made it as far north as us…but Monadock did have snow on the top!

  7. The colors really pop and I noticed them before reading your comment. It’s a dreary morning here and the colors were a treat. You are such a consistent blogger, it’s hard to believe you’re doing even more. No comments from me this weekend due to the fact that I lost my iPad. What a trauma–it felt like losing an arm. All is well now!

  8. Yes – winter can be a challenging time to take photos. Oh wait – it’s till Autumn, despite the snow and cold. I do like all the orange and yellow in your mosaic.

  9. Super pics! I’d guess, depending on when you decorate for Christmas, that November pics will be mostly orange, browns & yellows too. It’s kinda nice when 2 months in a row can be the same colors. 🙂

  10. Love the photo collage. It’s so beautiful.

    I didn’t comment this weekend, but I wanted to tell you that having your posts helped with a tough weekend due to the weather. I’ve got chronic nerve pain and cold weather as it first starts and when temps drop suddenly causes the nerves to misfire. Having yours and others November blogging gave me something other than the pain to focus on which lessen the pain. So, I suppose I’m saying thank you for being a pain reliever this weekend.

    Looking forward to your pictures this month and your posts.

  11. I’m definitely looking forward to weekend posts from you (and a few others 😉 this month – well…once I catch up on the rest of last week! your collage certainly tells a fall story; I love how the colors and food and smiles are all so warm together. (Happy November!)

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