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So — that cocktail party? Terrific fun and I’m so glad we went. It was great to reconnect with old friends and make some new ones, too. We haven’t changed a bit in 20+ years, either. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Other things that happened this weekend?

I went to the gym. Twice. Yay me.

I managed to spend a ridiculous amount of money at Target. Seriously, I go in there for 2 things and I come out with a wagon full of stuff and $200 less in my bank account. Hullo, my name is Carole and I have a Target problem.

I blocked the Cactus Flower shawl. Pictures soon!

After the party Saturday night we hit up our favorite beach before we rode back over the bridge. Yes, it was dark and yes, it was very cold but I still took off my shoes and socks and stuck my feet in the water. I’m a beach lover, through and through.

nov seven dinner for carole knits

I made a fantastic dinner Friday night. Filet mignon with bernaise sauce, sauteed mushrooms, oven roasted asparagus and loaded baked potatoes. We love our Friday nights at home and this night, like so many others we share, included lots of music and some dancing, too.

Sunday wound up being a lazy at-home spontaneous pajama day. Dale was nursing a cold and I was perfectly content to hang out, read, knit, play some games and just enjoy being together. Cocktails with homemade pita chips & roasted tomatoes with goat cheese by the fire was the perfect end to a November afternoon.

How was your weekend?

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  1. What an excellent weekend! Your Friday dinner does look fantastic; I really like your square plates with lots of room for delicious food! Maybe I can find some at Target. 🙂

  2. Sounds just perfect. I made an apple pie with a recipe from our local paper, which includes bourbon and cheddar cheese mixed right in the apples! Highly recommended.

  3. Target used to be the $100 store but these days it’s the $200 store. However, I rarely regret any of my purchases there.

    Your dinner was beautifully decadent!

  4. Target is one of my downfalls too. Thank goodness the closest one is 20 minutes away. Friday night was Filet Mignon night for sure. Not only did you post about it, we had it, then right afterwards my friend from Texas was posting pictures of her filet dinner. Delicious for sure.

  5. Oh that dinner looks so delicious! And thankfully Target is a solid 1/2 hour from me so I don’t end up there often. I could have a serious habit. I hope Dale is feeling better!

  6. As the mother of a Target employee…. Thank You 🙂 LOL
    Your Friday dinner looks fantastic. I never think to add bernaise sauce when at home. So silly because I love it as a treat when we’re out for dinner!

  7. Your Friday night dinner is my all-time favorite dinner and relatively easy to prepare. You reminded me it is tim ego cook it again!


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