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This weekend was all Christmas, all the time . . .

I worked on Friday (shocking, I know!) because of some scheduling stuff at the COA but it means I get an extra comp day this week and that’s great.

Did I mention I’m off until January 5th? So this weekend was really just a set up for a two week long weekend.

We set up and decorated the Christmas tree Friday night. It’s  a beauty.

We watched Christmas Vacation.

I finished up the last of the cookie baking and candy making.

Also finished the shopping and most of the wrapping.

We had a delicious dinner of pan seared scallops on Saturday evening. The price of scallops is dear so this was truly a special treat for the holiday.

We watched Love Actually, the best Christmas movie ever.

And also Deck the Halls, one of the silliest Christmas movies.

And A Christmas Carol, which always touches us.

And Elf, which always makes us laugh.

We spent time with our friends and watched football.

We celebrated the Winter Solstice and the return of the light. I let go of past resentments and regrets. I gave thought to my intentions for the year ahead.

I put my best effort into reveling in the season. And it worked.


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  1. says

    Perfect! I especially love the part about giving up on past resentments and regrets. Sounds like I found my plan for the new year.
    I hope the rest of your Christmas season is as lovely as this weekend.

  2. says

    What a great weekend you’ve had! Ours was pretty great – a little more hectic than I would have liked but still time spent with great friends so I wouldn’t change it for the world!

  3. says

    You always put your best self into every thing! Sounds like you won’t have anything left to do and tomorrow should be a great day to put your feet up!

  4. Jo says

    What a great way to spend the weekend prior to Christmas. I love the idea of mindfully letting go and creating intentions. What a great way to capture the spirit of Christmas!

  5. says

    what a wonderful weekend! (FOUR holiday movies?! we only saw three!) I’m looking forward to hearing more about your 2015 intentions. All the merriest!