Eye Candy Friday

tulips and twinkle lights for carole knits

There’s a reason I leave my twinkle lights up for the winter: they look as pretty with tulips as they do with ornaments!

I hope you all find some pretty things in your world this weekend!

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  1. says

    Perfect! We’re going to the Travel Show in town tomorrow. I’m going to find some warmth if it’s the last thing I do! Have a wonderful weekend Carole!

  2. Jo says

    Twinkle lights are the perfect touch of warmth in these winter months–why didn’t I think of that instead of leaving the Christmas tree up until St. Patricks Day. Tulips seem like faith — spring is a promise.

  3. Judy H says

    My lights are still on the mantle. The soft light makes these cold winter nights feel cozy. I love them!

  4. maureen says

    Love the lights…love the tulips! I bought some today in preparation for more snow this weekend…damn that groundhog! Hunker down and enjoy another weekend with a warm glow from the fireplace and lots of knitting, reading, cooking…whatever feeds your soul!