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Words In The Wild

I have been getting some great mail lately. I got a Valentine and a letter from Margene. And a postcard from Bev. And a card from Patty. I feel truly lucky and cherished because when it comes to this type of correspondence I am a bit of a slacker.

thoreau quote card for carole knits

Yesterday, I got a perfectly wonderful card in the mail from Kym. Her words made me realize that she definitely understands about the winter blahs. And it made for the perfect thing to post today since before this came I had nothing to talk about.

The knitting – it’s all super seekrit.

The reading – it’s not much to talk about right now.

And the winter is dragging on.

But getting mail from friends is just the thing to chase away the winter blues.

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  1. Some nice mail does help during this lousy winter season. I got a nice bright wedding invitation yesterday in the mail. In Florida! I’m tempted……

  2. Perfect card!! Is there such a thing as Spring? I’m worried that we are going to hop right into summer before our bodies have a chance to catch up.

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