Wherefore Art Thou, Spring?


Last year, on March 18th, I took a picture of a yellow crocus in my yard.

purple crocus for carole knits

And then, on March 27th, I took a picture of a cluster of purple crocus, also in my yard.

snow march 24 for carole knits

This year? Well, I took this picture yesterday. Sigh.

It’s going to be a while before there are any crocus.

daffodil shoots for carole knits

But at least I have daffodil shoots.

Spring will come. Right?

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  1. Geri says

    Oh can I relate! Mt side garden is finally exposed and I did spy some tiny green shoots where the bulbs are planted. The rest of the yard is snow covered! The maples are budding though!

  2. Mary K. in Rockport says

    We can hope. I hear some birds chirping in a springlike way just now, though.

  3. says

    Spring is taking her time, because she’s lingering in Utah! Wish I could send you a little of her scent in a bottle! She’ll be worth the wait.

  4. Jo-Ann says

    I’m pretty sure the crocus is under that snow somewhere … if we just knew where to dig!

  5. Jo says

    Oh, I feel you. It’s snowing like crazy here. Did I already mention that my crocuses bloomed in December? Hang in there–change is the only constant!

  6. says

    Ugh. We had snow atop the dreaded “wintry mix” yesterday. I was thankful that it was my day off and I didn’t have the early-morning drive. Trying to be patient — can’t do much more than that! Spring *will* come.