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The One Where We Got Matching Tattoos

I still owe you the story of our Las Vegas tattoos and today is the day you get to hear it. Ready?

pool selfie for carole knits
Picture this: Sunday, late morning, us hanging out at the pool. I’m sipping a pina colada.

joann selfie pool
Jo-Ann is sipping a Bloody Mary. Doreen, also with a pina colada, is on her phone. And she suddenly looks up and says, “we should get tattoos.” Jo-Ann and I, who both already have tattoos, immediately say sure. And then we look at Doreen, who does not already have a tattoo, and we say (practically in unison), “you have to go first, though.”

We start talking about what tattoos we should get – should we all get something different, should they match, blah blah blah. I really thought Doreen was just joking around but I got on my phone and pulled up my Pinterest board where I have pinned tattoos I like. (I’m always prepared, doncha know.) I start showing them to Doreen and she likes the infinity symbol and so does Jo-Ann. We talked about the infinity symbol with the feather, the one with the birds, the one with words. We talked about each getting a different word. We talked for a while, still sipping on those cocktails, and then we got up and went inside and walked right to the tattoo shop.

And before those cocktails could wear off – and before Doreen came to her senses and decided this was ridiculous –  we were getting matching tattoos.

joann tattoo 1 for carole knits

joann tattoo for carole knits
As it turned out, Jo-Ann went first. Smiling away, she’s a tattoo pro.
And then I went next. No pictures of me getting mine but just know that I was chatting and smiling since this is not my first tattoo rodeo. Okay, it’s my 4th.

doreen tattoo for carole knits

doreen tattoo 2 for carole knits
And Doreen went last. She may be grimacing a bit in this photo and she’s crushing Jo-Ann’s fingers but she powered through it. And, really, it was all her idea so she got no sympathy from us.

caroles tattoo for carole knits
We ended up with the infinity symbol with 3 birds (because there’s 3 of us, duh) and the word friends on our right shoulders. Corny? And also trendy? Absolutely. But ultimately a great reminder of our awesome trip and the friendship we share.

The moral of this story? Not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

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  1. Love the story. Have wanted one since I was 40. Dad was 100% against it (yes he still had that hold on me). Now @50 I’m ready. Find one for me :). Dragonfly w/ infinity symbol for my dad and kids…thoughts

  2. It’s a cool design. Gotta admit the idea has no allure for me, but I don’t have to get one, so yours is cool.

  3. So. Awesome. (I have no tattoos.) (Yet.) (But if I find the right one — one that really resonates with me — I’d do it in a flash.)

  4. Simply awesome and a beautiful design! I may be headed to pinterest to take a look at your tattoo board. I’ve had an idea for about 10 years, but I don’t want to be the wrinkled 60-year old with a tattoo. Maybe an xl bloody mary would help!

  5. I have a long tattoo story. At the age of 40 I got my first tattoo (a celtic design around my ankle), but waited until after I got it to tell my Mom, because I was afraid she would be angry. The day after I told her, at the age of 64, she got a tattoo of a bluebird (think Cinderella) on her ankle. She passed 5 months ago at the age of 83. Since then, my sister and I both have a bluebird on our ankles, my daughter has one on her shoulder, and my other daughter is getting one on her ankle next month. Who know our mother’s legacy would be a tattooed bluebird!

  6. Just living the tattoo experience vicariously left me laughing, especially the “what happens in Vegas” comment. Anyway, thanks–now I don’t have to get a tattoo and a divorce!

  7. Your Tattoo is a perfect rememberence of a very special event. I have none, too chicken and no desire for one. My daughter-in-law was a tattoo artist so I had my chance to get one. Sadly she passed away ten years ago.

  8. I love that y’all got the same tattoo as part of this trip. and I love that design. it’s perfect! (and p.s. THREE others…do we know about those?!)

  9. Way to go, girl. C and I recently got twin tattoos in Spain when we finished our Camino pilgrimage. I was surprised by the negative tone I received in some of the comments on my blog. Want to tell Bonnie, above, that as a “wrinkly” 61 year old there are plenty of body places that withstand the test of time. Go for it if you become more comfortable with the idea.

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