Here’s some stuff that happening and some stuff that’s on my mind right now . . .

clean socks for carole knits

Washing: All of the handknit socks.

Wondering: Why My Favorite Things is considered a Christmas song. I can find absolutely no connection to the holiday. Brown paper packages tied up with string? That’s a stretch. If someone can explain this to me I’d be forever grateful.

swap package for carole knits

Loving: The swap package that came in the mail on Saturday. Thanks to Amanda for sending such an awesome treat and thanks to Donna for organizing the whole thing.

Reading: Brown Girl Dreaming. I wasn’t sure how I’d like a book of poetry but it reads like free verse and I’m loving it.

christmas tree sales 2015 for carole knits

Enjoying: Mild temps. Selling Christmas trees for Kiwanis yesterday without needing a coat – I’ll take it. Driving the Mustang with the top down in December? I’ll take that, too!

Knitting: The Scoreboard Cowl, which will be going on for a few a while longer. Also a pair of socks. And a cowl. I was not enthused with the March Through Time pattern so I frogged that and started the Leaving Cowl instead. It will be a gift if I can get my act together and finish it on time.

Waiting: For Serial to start up again. Didn’t they say fall of 2015? Hullooooooo?

coc after party friends for carole knits

Entertaining: The best of friends, gathering to celebrate another successful Christmas on the Common and the start of the holiday season.

coc after party dinner for carole knits

Decorating: Everything that doesn’t move!

What’s happening in your world right now?

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  1. says

    That Leaving Cowl looks interesting. (I, too, frogged my March Through Time cowl. But I kept up with the walking!) I have been decorating and avoiding gift-wrapping and trying to get rid of a stupid cold. Also starting to go to All of the Movies. :-)

  2. says

    I have half a Currents post written. You left me in the dust. I listened to Jacqueline Woodson narrator “Brown Girl Dreaming” and loved it! Fantastic book, I thought. Love all your bright and happy decor. It seems winter is passing by us all!

  3. says

    I’m glad you liked your package. I think it went well and would like to do another one in the Spring perhaps. I frogged March Through Time as well. My yarn wasn’t working well with the pattern. Yeah – whats up with Serial????

  4. Jo says

    All those socks are so gorgeous. You should have a sock Christmas tree lol! I’m am impressed that, busy as you are, you still have a book in progress!

  5. says

    Sounds like fun! I’ve been enjoying the splurge of knitting a hat for myself during Christmas Knitting Season.

    Also – fall 2015 officially lasts until December 20th, right? So Serial has a couple weeks left before they’re late…

  6. says

    that last line made me laugh out loud…at some point, do you just call it “done”? (that’s a rhetorical question ๐Ÿ˜‰ and my theory about Favorite Things is that it became a Christmas song when Sound of Music became a Christmas Eve “classic”.

  7. says

    Re: the song “My Favorite Things”, it’s in the Christmas scene in The Sound of Music. That’s what makes it a Christmas song.