Simple Christmas Appetizer

pepper jelly christmas tree app

This is my new favorite appetizer. A block of cream cheese, cut diagonally and then smooshed back together to form a triangle, topped with Stonewall Kitchen hot pepper jelly. For this one I used a scallion for the trunk and a yellow bellow pepper for the star but I made this again the other day and used a piece of butternut squash for the star instead. The Ritz snowflake crackers are the perfect vehicle for getting this yummy combo right into your mouth.

Fast. Pretty. Delicious. Perfect for entertaining.

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  1. Robby says

    Yum! This is a favorite from way back at our house. My aunt used to can her own red and green pepper jellies. Pepper jelly makes a good base for a fast easy and surprisingly good salad dressing for a TexMex meal, too.