I had a terrific, busy, and  very merry weekend. Here are the highlights:

christmas tree 2015 for carole knits

  • Went to 2 different Christmas parties. Saw lots of friends, ate delicious food, reveled in being together with loved ones.
  • Decorated (finally, right?) the Christmas tree. For the first time in our marriage we have clear twinkle lights on the tree. They can be changed to colored ones with the turn of a dial. We are both happy with this compromise.
  • Baked cookies. Yes, more cookies.
  • Wrapped. And wrapped some more.
  • Watched Christmas movies. A Christmas Carol and The Santa Clause, if you want to know.
  • Ate popcorn and snuggled on the couch with Dale.
  • Got the Christmas cards ready to mail. Yeah. A little late this year.
  • Bought The Ventures Christmas album. Yep. Christmas music, surf style. Sleigh Ride is particularly fun.
  • Visited Edaville Railroad for the first time in almost 15 years. I drive by it every day on my way to work but just haven’t gone in forever. We went last night with Len and the family and it was beautiful and fun and nostalgic.

dale and carole at edaville 2015 for carole knits

How was your weekend?

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  1. says

    Sleigh Ride by the Ventures is a classic! So much good Christmas music out in every genre. You are the cookie queen! I sure miss all the fun that goes with baking and eating Christmas cookies!

  2. says

    You may be the most merry and festive person I know! I am also intrigued by your color-changing lights and would love to hear more.

  3. Jo says

    So nice to hear someone else got their tree up yesterday. My cards may be New Year cards–yikes! The good side is that I have been preparing for Christmas with all my sibs together at once, something that hasn’t happened in forty years!

  4. Erica says

    Looks like a great weekend! And count me among the people who want to know more about the magic Christmas lights that allow the settling of the age-old dilemma of colored vs white lights… :)

  5. says

    It was lovely. Glad yours was too. I reached a big milestone. I lost my 29th pound this year. I haven’t blogged about it yet. Its been a loooooong hungry journey!