Watercolor Wednesday

On Monday I picked some peonies and posted a photo of them on instagram. My sister-in-law commented that I should paint them. Ummm. Not quite there yet. However, thank to the wonderful technology of the waterlogue app, I can say, wa-la:

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  1. says

    Waterlogue is a cool app. My aunt took a photo from her phone of an owl, Waterlogued it and had it turned into a canvas “painting”. She gave them as Christmas gifts. I would love to be able to paint them for real though.

  2. Jo says

    Wa-la right back to you! Light bulb moment (maybe lol). It would be inteteresting to put these photos side-by-side– waterlogued as a tool for learning to paint?

    P.S. You are totally forgiven if you think this is lame.

  3. says

    When I saw the title of today’s post I thought you might have given painting them a go. Waterlogue did a nice job!