Eye Candy Friday


Today’s eye candy is brought to you by local food. From my garden, homegrown tomatoes and basil, and local mozzarella from our grocer. SO delicious and a fabulous summer treat. Sadly, my basil is going by but I do still have lots and lots of tomatoes. Summer is waning but I’m still holding on to it for dear life.

Hope your weekend is fabulous!

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  1. Robby says

    Always sad to see the delights of summer depart. I know enjoying summer year round wouldn’t be the same, but I’d be willing to give it a try!

  2. says

    I won’t be sorry to see the heat and humidity depart (soon, I hope), but I am sad to see summer tomato season waning. I’m savoring every last tomato and mayo sandwich!

  3. says

    The tomatoes are going strong here too. I am about to make some pesto with the last of our basil – and it makes me very sad! Have a fantastic weekend! XO

  4. says

    Yum! I am ready for Fall, but sorry to see the garden winding down. On the flip side, we’ve (well, my husband) has planted lettuce and spinach, onions and scallions for the Fall garden. And, our kale and collards are still going strong. Enjoy the weekend Carole!

  5. says

    We had a bust tomato year, but we did get a few delicious bites. Enjoy your weekend! We summer lovers have to eat up the last days of warmth!

  6. says

    Unfortunately, I didn’t have a great tomato year… it’s never spectacular, but I’ve certainly had better than this. Doesn’t help that a certain 2yo little boy likes to pick the ripe cherry tomatoes and then squash them with his bare feet… in the blink of an eye and before you even know it! Haha. Also stinkbugs liked a certain variety and got to almost every single tomato before I did. Boo. There is absolutely nothing like fresh tomatoes with basil & mozzarella! Happy weekend!

  7. Jo says

    Basil anywhere–love, love,love it! I am making fried green tomatoes for dinner tonight. Bet they’d be good with basil.