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To look at my photos from this long weekend you would think that all I did was eat. And drink. I’m not going to lie and say that the eating and the drinking aren’t big parts of every weekend but I might just have to learn to take photos of the other stuff I do. Like knitting. And reading. Those things, though, while entirely enjoyable, just aren’t as photogenic.

Anyway. Here’s the weekend that was.


Friday night. Snacks on the deck while it was still warm enough to be outside. The weird thing is that it’s getting so dark so early. I thought it was super late and time to go inside and it was only 7:15. Ha.


Saturday morning. A walk to the cemetery for some exercise and also to visit Bob’s grave, contemplating the year it’s been since he left us. Dale spied this beautiful spider web and I took a photo, of course.


Saturday afternoon. Lunch and knitting at Sean’s with homemade pizza. That one in the front had fig and shallot marmalade with bacon, brie and balsamic glaze. Fabulous!


Saturday evening. The rain had begun so it was snacks inside. Pretty much the usual snack assortment but on my perfectly seasonal Ouija board tray.


A late Saturday night dinner of grilled cheese and tomato. We’re still picking tomatoes from the garden and I couldn’t be happier about that.


Sunday evening. Dinner out. We spent the very rainy afternoon watching the Pats (Brady’s back!!) and resisting the usual lure of drinking and snacking during football because we were determined to head out for dinner. I say determined because so many times we will make a plan to go out and then wind up just staying home. It’s nice to stay home but it’s nice to go out occasionally, too.


Monday afternoon. The same snacks only on a much smaller scale. And wine. My day had not gone as planned, derailing at 9am with a work issue, so this glass of wine was most welcome. As was the quiet time with Dale that went along with it. He’s a wonderful sounding board and always makes me feel better about things.


Monday evening. Homemade apple pie because I bake when I’m stressed. A slice of this while watching Stranger Things was the perfect ending to the weekend.

How was your weekend?


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  1. You are so right about the baking and stress relief. I had a delicious glass of red myself last night and it was perfect. You need to go into a snack business next! 🙂

  2. I’m not liking how it’s getting dark so early these days myself. I’m glad you are getting to enjoy the outdoors for as long as you can though. I can’t believe it’s a year since Bob has been gone. Time flies by way too fast.

  3. I love the spider web. This weekend I found a ramen noodle bar nearish to where I live and it was soooo good. I was pleased to accomplish everything on my list-both chores and fun stuff. Saturday-Monday turned out to be glorious fall days here.

  4. sorry things got derailed, but it still looks and sounds like a wonderful early fall weekend. I love how your food and drink photos still show love and friends. (hope things are getting better at work!)

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