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Wednesdays Are For Knitting: Baby Balloon Pants

Hold on to your hats because today I am sharing photos of a recently finished hand knit. It’s a baby knit, of course.

Baby Balloon Pants! Are they not the cutest thing ever? Made with sock yarn, they knit up very quickly and are sure to keep Jack warm this winter.

Would you look at that wee cuff? It slays me, I tell you. The yarn had been marinating in the stash for quite.some.time and it’s now discontinued but, in case you’re curious, it’s UrbanGypZ Artisan Yarn in the color Koi Vey. Which, c’mon, best color name ever.

The waist is ribbed and quite long which should help a lot with the fit. The pattern is a translation and some things are a bit tricky but if you’ve knit socks you’ll figure it out easily enough. I’m already planning to make more of these pants for jack!

P.S. You know there will be modeled shots once he wears ’em.

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  1. Tres cute. Kind of a crime that something called ‘Balloon Pants’ sounds adorable for the first 2 or 3 years of one’s life and then it becomes horrifying. But Jack will definitely be adorable.

  2. Those pants are adorable, and I’m especially glad to hear there will be modeled shots! Maybe Jack needs some matching booties/baby socks if you’ve got yarn left over?

  3. Koi Vey!!! The Best! I can’t wait to see little Jack feet sticking out from those very sweet little cuffs! XO

  4. Darling!! And Koi Vey – perfect name. I want a baby to knit some for him/her (I’d best be careful what I wish for though – lol).

  5. The pants are so cute! I’m going to have to make a pair for my niece. I have made socks but not in the last few years so I hope I don’t have too much trouble with them.

  6. Little Hammer pants! How adorable! Why is it so much fun to make tiny baby clothes? I predict the pictures of Jack in these pants will become a point of contention at some point in the future, so do your best work, Carole. These pictures will be much discussed when he is about 16 – LOL.

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