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Eye Candy Friday

How about some eye candy baby? Here’s our little guy taking a nap while I watched him the Friday before Christmas so his mom and dad could get some last minute shopping done. He’s growing like a weed – up over 14 lbs now – and, for reference, check out the photo of him in this little bassinet the first time he slept in it as compared to now. (You need to scroll all the way to the end of that post to see the one I mean.) Talk about a difference!

We had a snow day yesterday and another one today which means I worked ONE DAY this week. It’s a schedule I could get used to although I suppose it would get difficult to stay caught up on my work. Eventually. Heh.

Happy weekend, friends!

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  1. What a sweetie! looks like he might be growing out of that basket any day now. #goodproblems We’re watching the weather and it looks downright nasty up there. Hope you’re staying warm!!

  2. Soon he’ll need a bigger bed! He really is growing quickly. Very happy to hear you are warm and cozy as the storm sounds cold and crazy!

  3. Ahhh, he’s so cute-love the stripes. Thinking about y’all in the snowy NE-is it summer yet?! Happy Friday.

  4. What’s the best thing about horrid weather? Snow days! Hope you have enjoyed them. Jackie is so sweet, and he is getting so very big!

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