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Wow! That was a whirlwind of a weekend around here!

There was campaign stuff on Friday. Coffee and conversation and coffee cake.

And then there was Jackie. He’s so much fun to spend time with, he’s developing his own little personality and it’s terrific to watch.

We had Friday Night Snacks, of course. No power outage meant music, too, and after much debate we decided my campaign theme song is Are You Gonna Go My Way by Lenny Kravitz.

Speaking of the campaign, Saturday was the day we rolled out our signs. We had a great crew of volunteers who put them up all over town and we had another group who stood in the center of town, holding signs and waving to the cars going by. The sun was warm but the wind was cold! I’ve held signs for other candidates many times but never for myself and I’ll just say that the people who beeped their horns and waved to us really really made me happy.

Saturday was also Jo-Ann’s birthday so we gathered at our house in the evening for dinner and Mexican Train. The only photo I have is of the fabulous cake that Sean made but trust me when I tell you that the pot roast was delicious and the company was wonderful.

On Sunday Dale and I headed out to put up a few more signs and make sure the ones out there were in good places since we have a snow storm coming. I’ll tell you – I generally don’t care about snow storms but the thought of my signs out there getting hit by plows – ugh! I have a lot of confidence in my supporters, though, and I know they will protect the swag!

After all that driving around (seriously, I think we drove up and down one particular street about 10 times) we decided to refresh ourselves with cocktails and dinner. It was a great way to end a weekend full of activity.

How was your weekend?



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  1. That was quite a weekend, but it sounds like a nice, balanced combination of politics, friends, family, Jackie, food, and drink! I am dreading the thought of yet another snowstorm again tonight, and will be keeping my fingers crossed that neither of us gets too much snow and your signs stay safe!

  2. YAY Carole! – I love to see your campaign picking up … and Jackie … and of course the fun food and drink! I just saw on Kat’s blog that you have a snow day tomorrow – can’t wait to see what FUN you make of that!!

  3. I have never seen people holding/waving signs! Maybe it’s because this is such a rural area — the only place it would make sense is in the Walmart parking lot, and management would never allow it.

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