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Eye Candy Friday

Last Friday was a weird day. It was right before the election but everything was pretty much done and I was unsettled and anxious. I went and picked up Jack, figuring that his cute little face would be a good distraction. He and I were standing in the kitchen, looking out the window at the birds, when I saw the truck from my favorite florist pull into my driveway. At first I thought they had the wrong address. And then I thought, Dale? Sending me flowers? Nah. Not his style, he’s a do-it-yourself-er and brings flowers to me himself.

And then the delivery man came to the door and handing me this gorgeous arrangement. Aren’t they lovely? They are from Kym and Tom and the card was the absolute best. It read, “whatever the outcome, you are the winner.” I cried some happy tears, sent Kym a text, and counted my blessings for the good and wonderful people in my life.

I hope you find yourself counting your blessings this weekend.

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  1. Not gonna lie, I was hoping for Jack, but pretty flowers – and the happy ending to all that election worry – is a decent stand-in. Happy Weekend!!

  2. I don’t know Kym, but she is a very thoughtful and empathetic person! I imagine this is just what you needed at the time. (But I’m still glad you won!)

  3. Eye candy indeed and such a thoughtful friend. By the way, I love that little piece of patchwork under the flowers as much as the flowers.

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