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Tiny Moment Tuesday

Returning from cool and lovely Maine to heat and humidity in Massachusetts? Not super fun. You know what made it bearable, though? Getting to spend Sunday with this little muffin!

Last week was the longest I’ve gone without seeing him since he was born and it was rough! I was grateful to have him with us all day on Sunday. We played. He napped. We danced. He ate. We laughed and smiled and snuggled and it was fabulous.

Next time I go on vacation I’m taking him with me so that I don’t miss a single tiny moment.


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  1. aw, that sounds like a fine plan! and how fabulous you got to spend Sunday with him – I’m sure he grew and changed last week 😉

  2. Ha. That makes a huge difference, doesn’t it?? I’m picking up Kate in Chicago on Saturday after a MONTH away and Malina is going to blow her over with all the changes!!

  3. That’s just what I was going to suggest – next time take Jackie! Dale should probably start him visiting battlefields early on!

  4. What a precious little watermelon! He looks like he grew while you were gone.

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