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Thanks for all of your well wishes yesterday – I think it’s safe to say this is a summer cold but I am feeling better today and for that I’m grateful. Edited to add: I wrote this post last night and I was feeling better and assumed I would be this morning as well. However, that’s not the case and it currently feels like my head is going to explode, which is an appealing option at this point since that would give me some relief!

Anyway, looking back at the photos from this past weekend I have to admit I’m not surprised I got sick – it was BUSY! SO busy! But great. C’mon, I’ll show you.

On Friday afternoon Dale and I went to the beach. We had lunch first, starting with great margaritas at Hull’s Kitchen Too.

They went great with the fish tacos we had to eat. I had salmon and chipotle shrimp while Dale had swordfish and cod. Really fresh, very delicious.

Friday night was the usual. You know.

On Saturday morning our contractor put in the posts for our new pergola. Dale decided to try it out right away! The structure was actually completed on Sunday morning but there’s still more to be done with some crushed stone, lights, curtains, and probably some hanging plants. There will be a full reveal of photos once that’s all set.

On Saturday night Hannah and I went to see The Avett Brothers. It was our first concert together and we tailgated for a bit and had a wonderful time at the show. It was so good! We both loved the band and are already plotting to see them again.

Sunday was Jessica’s 40th birthday so we had a little family gathering under the new pergola.

Jessica’s only request was for nachos – easy! And so good, too!


It was hot and humid but a really great afternoon and evening. We played games and listened to music and had margaritas, too.


Hannah made cupcakes and Jack came over for dessert too – Saturday was his 92nd birthday!

It really was a terrific weekend!

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  1. Summer colds are the worst. But, your weekend looked the best! I can’t wait to see the pergola in all its glory! XO

  2. Awesome weekend!! Glad you are feeling better. Fun for you and Hannah to have a girls night too. And the pergola! Can’t wait for the big reveal pics.

  3. That was one busy weekend — but SO MUCH GOOD!! Looking forward to the pergola reveal.
    Happy Birthday to Jessica & Jack!!

  4. So very much good. 🙂 Can’t wait to see that pergola in its full glory. It’s gonna be marvelous. (Hope you’re feeling better soon. Ugh. I HATES the summer colds.) (And how can Jessica be 40??? Happy birthday to Jessica and Jack.)

  5. I just put a pergola in last week; best decision I ever made! I love being outside! Enjoy!!

  6. Wow—you really do a weekend right! Hannah looks lovely—I think she looks like you. Finally, be good to yourself and get better!

  7. Fabulous weekend, and I have serious pergola envy. I love those dang things, and I want one. So post those pictures when you get through out there and let me swoon. In the meantime, please take good care and whatever drugs you need to keep your head from exploding!

  8. What a wonderful weekend – gotta think a few punky days this week are totally worth it! (only wish you’d gotten yourself into that last photo!!)

  9. Hope your cold isn’t turning into a sinus infection. They’re so easy to get this time of year! Your weekend looks marvelous and full of family, food, and fun! OF COURSE! xo

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