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Eye Candy Friday

Last week I was thinking that I hadn’t seen any cranberry bogs being harvest this year and that’s pretty unusual since I usually start seeing this around my birthday. And then, lo and behold, on Monday morning the bogs right by my office were flooded. It wasn’t a sunny day, which is a shame since those berries look like rubies when they are hit by sunshine, but it was still a great photo opportunity. Nineteen years of seeing this in Carver and it never gets old.

You know what else never gets old? LONG weekends! Make it a good one and I’ll see you on Tuesday!

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  1. I loved seeing the cranberry bogs when I visited you a couple of years ago! Such a treat. 🙂 Enjoy your long weekend. XO

  2. There are some cranberry bogs in Wisconsin, too, but I’ve never visited. (Adding to The List!) Have a great weekend — I’m looking forward to a couple of long ones coming up!

  3. One of my favorite things too – so many memories from spending summers / fall in Wareham. Have a wonderful weekend Carole!

  4. I bet it is beautiful in the sun, but it’s lovely in this photo. Thanks for the reminders of fall, Carole. We must stay in the moment and enjoy fall, even though winter is coming. Shhhhhhhh…

  5. Thank you. I have never seen a cranberry bog. You also had me scratching my head wondering was holiday was giving us a three day weekend. Well duh!

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