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Dale and I went off on a little getaway last weekend and I’m ready to tell you all about it. Mmmmmkay?

The wheels were put in motion when I found out that Kathy Mattea would be playing in Rockport last Friday night. We’ve gone to Shalin Liu to see her before and it’s a beautiful venue in a lovely area that we’ve never really spent much time exploring. So, I came up with a plan: go to the show on Friday night and then stay for the weekend. I’m sure it’s no surprise that this plan was agreed to readily by Dale!

Traffic was heavy and slow getting up there and we literally dropped our bags at our AirBnb and walked to the theater. We made it in time for a quick glass of wine before the show but it was a more stressful start to the weekend then I would have preferred. Honestly, though, once Kathy took the stage and started singing, all thoughts of traffic and taillights disappeared and we were caught up in the music. From the front row, I might add.

It was a really great show, highlighting many of Mattea’s old favorites as well as some songs from her new album. She came out to greet her fans afterwards and Dale and I loved that chance to chat with her for a few moments. We got out of the theater after 11pm and, predictably, everything was closed. We found a McDonald’s about 10 minutes away and let me tell you, that quarter pounder with cheese tasted mighty good . . . it had been a really long time since lunch!

On Saturday morning we headed out to explore. Our first stop was a great coffee shop right down the street. The coffee was strong and hot and the homemade pastries were fresh and delicious. I had a cinnamon/sugar donut but Dale had a Norwegian coffee bread that was warm and loaded with cardamom and cinnamon. It was like a Christmas preview!

We spent the rest of the day wandering through shops and art galleries, chatting with some really friendly shop owners, and visiting the iconic Motif #1.

I had a lot of fun getting to know my new iPhone X, too. It really takes great photos and portrait mode is fabulous. Here’s the story of this photo: I said to Dale, let’s take a selfie and just as I snapped it he turned and kissed me on the forehead. I didn’t expect it at all and I love that I captured that spontaneous moment. It’s my most favorite selfie of us ever!

We had a late lunch and then headed back to our AirBnb to hang out for the evening. The air was warm all afternoon but it was cooling down by the time we had our cocktails on the back patio. In other words, we weren’t out there long but it was lovely while we were. And we spent the rest of the evening listening to music, eating some really great cheese, and talking, talking, talking. As in, I think we talked from 6pm until 11pm. It was great to have a completely uninterrupted night to catch up and talk about things that actually matter and not just our schedule for the week.

On Sunday morning we headed back to the coffee shop and then hit the back roads to explore for a bit. We found some cemeteries (one was really gorgeous but I didn’t take photos there) and some beautiful homes, too.

The goal all along was Woodman’s for fried clams. We don’t get there often but I’ll tell you, it’s just the best. Hot and fresh and so so good!

We were in the car and headed for home around 2, listening to the Pats game on the radio and arriving home just in time to see the ending. (They won.)

It really was a great weekend away, full of quintessential New England elements, great music, and my favorite person in the world. We can all use a weekend like that now and again.

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  1. Rockport does tend to roll up the sidewalks very early. Many have noted that someone should open a small desserts and wine shop timed for the late night crowd exiting the Shalin Liu, but so far no one has. Sorry you hit the traffic snarl coming in!

  2. That sounds like it was as close to perfect as one can get. Who knew you can take spontaneous selfies?! What a fab picture of you two.

  3. I confess, I laughed at the McDonald’s meal… but sometimes it is just the best thing ever! What a fun weekend! I loved seeing your updates on IG! XO

  4. I love Rockport no matter what the season (my favorite is near Christmas). We are lucky to live close enough to visit often but I would love to stay there for a night or two. How fun! Great photos! The Shalin Liu is my favorite venue – perfect acoustics and not a bad seat in the house.

  5. I love this! Kathy Mattea and all the details are great, along with everything else, but my favorite has to be Woodman’s. You don’t have to convince me; it’s obviously the best!

  6. Looks like a wonderful weekend, and I can imagine the Qpounder. I have to admit there have been a couple times when that was the only option when I’ve been on the road!

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