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Three On Thursday

Thank you all so much for your kind comments on my blog anniversary! I have to say, I’m feeling a little lame today since after 14 years of blogging I can’t come up with three things that go together for Three On Thursday. Or maybe it’s because of 14 years of blogging. Yep. That must be it. In any case, today is a random three-fer.

  1. As part of my daily tasks at the library I catalog the magazines we receive. I enjoy doing this because I like to see the pretty covers and I like having the chance to flip through and see what the latest celebrity gossip is (People), the newest fashion (Vogue), and the best home ideas (Good Housekeeping). One thing that makes me absolutely crazy though? There is zero consistency among magazines as to where they put the publication information. And I need that information in order to enter the magazine into our software. Some magazines put it on the spine. Some put it on the cover. Some put it on the title page. Some put it on the back page. Some (I’m looking at you, Men’s Health) put it somewhere different every.single.month. Should I ever rule the world you can bet that consistent publication information for magazines is going to be at the top of the list of things I make happen.
  2. I’m thinking about Super Bowl food. Our living room is small so we’re only having Doreen & Mark and Jo-Ann & Shawn over for the game which means I don’t need a ton of food but still . . . it’s the Super Bowl and the Pats are playing. (I know. You hate us.) The plan is to gather in the afternoon for pregame snacking and drinking so most of the food we eat will be before the game even starts. I’m thinking these chicken wings for snacking and then venison chili with corn bread for . . . dinner . . . except it’s not really dinner but you know what I mean. I’m open to suggestions, though, if you can think of something fab I should be making.
  3. I am so happy that today is the last day of January because man alive but this month feels like it has lasted forever. You would think it would feel like it passed quickly since we had holidays and a long weekend but I think it’s just such a letdown after Christmas and it’s cold (super cold today although not as extreme for us as other places!) and I’m ready for spring. I know that’s ridiculous but it’s true. Actually, it’s not true at all. If I’m being completely honest I’d just as soon skip spring and go right to summer. You know those lovely June days that are warm and the evening seems to last forever? Yeah. Let’s do that now. No? Okay then I’ll just look forward to February. There’s vacation (I don’t know yet where we are going but it will be a short-ish local-ish getaway) and there’s Valentine’s Day and at the absolute end of the month I’m heading to New York City with Jo-Ann to see Hamilton. So yeah. Buh bye January and helllllllo February.

And that’s my random thoughts for this week. If you wrote a post for today please include your link below and thanks for joining in!

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  1. I would recommend mac and cheese bites. You can use any recipe, but I like this one because they are a little bit crunchy with the bread crumbs in the muffin cups. Sometimes I use crushed Ritz crackers in place of the bread crumbs.

    I’m not even sure that I’m watching the game, but venison chili sounds so good, that ‘s what we’ll be having for dinner on Sunday, along with mac and cheese bites. Have fun!

  2. I’ve made those wings before good choice. We’re still planning our menu as we’re watching the game with out neighbors. All I know for certain is that I will be making guacamole. If I may be so humble it’s pretty darn good. My version is a take off from Oprah’s favorite recipe.

    I too am so happy it’s the last day of the month – that means we go on vacation in two weeks for two weeks! We rented a house last year on the gulf coast of Florida, loved it so much we rented it for two weeks this year.

    Stay warm!

  3. The mom in me is saying “You need some vegetables to go with all that meat!” Whenever we have a party (for the Super Bowl or something else), we always have a big platter of raw veggies with some yummy dip.

  4. Chili is pretty much required for Super Bowl gatherings, isn’t it? We like a big selection of toppings and Fritos to go with. Cornbread and tortilla chips are good, but Fritos were done with chili at HS football games when I was a kid.

    You need something in team colors food-wise. Dessert is usually easiest. Red velvet cupcakes with blue and white icing?

  5. No suggestions for the Super Bowl bash. . . I avoid the whole Super Bowl thing entirely. (Just not a fan. Of any team.) But I do know y’all will have a grand time! And my god January has been a long month. . .

  6. I am with Sarah in the veggie corner!

    And, I am excited for February but for very different reasons! My oldest turns 30 and garden planning begins in earnest!

  7. I had to ask a friend when the Super Bowl was and she just thought I was an idiot. That’s ok. I don’t care for teams or food, noise nor, well, anything about it. BUT, I hope you have a lovely time and that you’re snacks and food are delicious!

  8. Gosh, January is not a favorite month of mine, but February seems even longer. But spring, oh to get to spring faster. There’s the rub.
    I’m with mac’n cheese for comfort food on super-bowl-day , to watch the commercials!

  9. Corn bread and chili sounds heavenly! Too bad you-know-who does not eat chili. We make the English muffin crabby snacks…Old English cheese, stick-o-butter, dab of mayo, can of crab meat…mix together put on English muffin and broil. YUM! Go Pats!

  10. Chili and crudités—yummm!

    February is a major month for birthdays in my family—kinda nice for helping to keep winter at bay.

  11. I’ve got to say, I’ve been loving January and it’s weather. But then, I’m also unemployed at the moment and spend my days huddled under a blanket with my knitting in hand. And, spring means it’s time for me to go back to work and I don’t wanna! Yes, I’m embracing the cold!

  12. Yes, January is OVER as far as I am concerned, and February will be endured. I know, I am wishing my life away, but come on spring! Summers here are so hot that I really like spring better than summer. I think your menu sounds wonderful for a superbowl. I don’t know that I would watch, but I would certainly eat! I hope everything goes your way, or that at least you enjoy the company.

  13. That chili sounds awesome. Throw a bowl of tomato salsa on the side and there’s your veggies

  14. It’s interesting that such a short month follows a long one! Soon we’ll see what Mr. Groundhog says or not about spring. I wonder whether anyone will be celebrating that day? (Snow is predicted here for Sunday night…..)

  15. I have been terrible about doing 3 things posts, so I just put a reminder on my computer calendar to remind me every Wednesday. I hope this helps! (I really enjoy your and everyone’s ToT posts!)

  16. Congratulations!

    I think I have been following you since the beginning. When I was a mom/housewife in Tokyo, with a six year old daughter. When I knit alone in my few moments of free time. Your blog, and many others, kept me company.

    Thank you
    For all your lovely words and all your lovely photos

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