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Eye Candy Friday

I’m still using that Stand Up app to remind me to get up and walk around every hour when I’m at work. I do a loop through the library most times, sometimes on the first floor and sometimes upstairs. In doing this I have seen some really lovely things that I don’t get to see when I’m just plunked in my office, including this Clivia in it’s winter glory. That totally makes it worth the effort of getting up!

Get up and move this weekend and find something glorious, okay?

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  1. We’re just hoping to see positive digits this weekend! Here’s wishing you some positive digits too.

  2. Ooh, I might like clivia even better than amaryllis for beautiful winter blooms and I love that your library has one (two? I might see more in the back). Have a great weekend!

  3. well that’s lovely – and a completely new-to-me flower – thank you! I finally caught up with the rest of your week – your January 1SE is making me think the Pro version might be worth it – love the longer shots and the music! and yes! for Writing Words on Paper. It’s so much more powerful (gah, takes me back to my school days and how I’d re-write my notes as a way to study….)

  4. This plant is lovely, will need to see if that is something that will work in our area. I love having live plants around me.

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