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Macro Monday

You know how I said one of the reasons I wanted to do Macro Monday for the summer is so that I could prep my blog post in advance? So that I could enjoy my weekend without thinking about posting on Monday morning?

Guess who was up at 5am today taking a macro photo to share? Yep. I guess that’s just a sign of a really good weekend. And, luckily, I have a little bouquet of chive blossoms on my kitchen window sill.

It reminds me of Chihuly Glass!

Happy Monday, friends.

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  1. Beautiful, I think tastier than Chihuly glass. But I can not personally confirm that. Glad your weekend was just that good.

  2. Lovely picture!
    And I can relate, somehow prepping posts never really works 😉 (I only seem to be able to write posts in advance for days that aren’t too busy, but never when my schedule is crazy)

  3. Haha. I’ve been doing OK so far… when I haven’t altogether forgotten!! I don’t care for chives in my cooking, but they sure make pretty flowers.

  4. Our chives are long gone and I’m very happy to see yours in macro. Your color is pinker and brighter than our lavender/purple.

  5. Not familiar with that glass, but looked it up. Wow, that’s some glass, but it has nothing on the beauty of nature, IMHO. This is a lovely photo. Glad you had a good weekend.

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