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Eye Candy Friday

My gardens are truly winding down now although we haven’t yet had a hard frost. That means I do still have zinnias and morning glories blooming, but most of the perennials and flowering shrubs have given up the ghost. This means I’m extra grateful for the containers of mums and ornamental kale . . . they provide beautiful fall color and make me smile.

The weekend makes me smile, too. Make it a good one!

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  1. I know kale is hearty, but that one pretty much wins the “brown season” before all is covered in white. Enjoy!

  2. I’m not a big fan of eating regular kale, but ornamental kale is just beautiful! I wonder if anybody dyes a gradient yarn in those colors?

  3. That is a gorgeous ornamental kale! I’m really enjoying my mums and kale and pansies right now. My hydrangeas and sedum – and, of course, the zinnias – still offer color in my garden . . . but it’s pretty much a done deal now. Sigh. . .
    Happy weekend, Carole!

  4. I love that moment when the flowers have given up the ghost, the trees step up and show off all their autumn glory! Have a great weekend!

  5. Oh, that’s gorgeous. My mom always had those! We haven’t had a hard frost yet, either, but it’s getting closer. Brrrr… so chilly in the morning now! Have a great weekend, Carole.

  6. All I can think is “deer and rabbit food” 🙂 I love the look but that would last one night at my house! (really love Bonny’s idea of a gradient … hummm … she should write those Wollemeise folks who dye the John Deere yarn!)

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