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Wednesdays Are For Knitting: Chevron Love Slouch Hat

One of the things I unearthed when I cleaned out the craft room before the big redo (I know, pictures, but it’s been raining all week and the light is lousy) was a Chevron Love Slouch Hat kit that I purchased from Knitterly Things last winter. I never had gotten around to knitting it but when I saw it I remembered that I had bought it with Hannah in mind. So, when I finished the slog of that Peace Cowl, I decided something fast and fun was appropriate.

This was fast. And mostly fun. The pattern is easy to follow, the colors are vibrant, and just look at that faux fur pom pom!

My issue, as always, was that the hat was too big when I finished. The dreaded gauge got me again. You’d think I’d have learned after the Baable Hat problem I had last year but nope. And there was just no way I was going to rip this one out and redo because those 7 balls of yarn were a bit fiddly to deal with.

Instead, I picked up around the cast on edge and knit another inch or so of 4×4 rib. I folded that up inside and stitched a casing and threaded some elastic through that casing and wa-la. A hat that fits! And, I have to say, the elastic makes for a very comfortable fit.

I’m happy it’s done, Hannah is happy that she has a new hat just in time for the cold weather, and maybe next time I’ll check my gauge.

And if you believe that . . . you don’t know me very well at all!

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  1. That is a lovely bright hat and a creative solution to the too-big issue! Ryan has a large head so I always have to add extra stitches and do the math when I knit hats for him. Maybe next time I should just have you do the knitting! 🙂

  2. Gauge is a strict mistress. One of us is on the larger end of hat design and the other on the small end. There are no wearable hats at our house without gauge. (sigh)

  3. I am laughing and laughing at that last sentence… I am a stickler for a gauge swatch on a sweater, all other things? Not so much! (But that hat is just adorable! And that pom pom!)

  4. ha, me too! I think elastic in the ribbing is the perfect solution for NOT having to swatch … I know it will make the fit feel more secure, too. LOVE the finished hat and those photos!

  5. Your solution was very smart, because it’s a great hat and looks adorable on her! But gauge seems like it’s always out to teach us a lesson, even when we do swatch and measure.

  6. Okay. I’m still laughing at Bonny’s comment!!! I love the hat (I’m always a total sucker for a chevron design) — and it looks GREAT on Hannah. So glad you found a good fit-solution! XO

  7. You are brilliant! (Mine would have landed in the too big hat pile that I also own…) Gorgeous hat, gorgeous model! A win win all around!

  8. That’s a beautiful hat!
    Also, great solution! Gauging and me are not friends either. If I do, it usually ends up being even worse than when I just wing it…

  9. I always check my gauge carefully if I am knitting a sweater, and I check it when knitting a hat, but my hats never fit either! I may have to try your fix next time if it is still too big. I think I am a pin head and no one has had the heart to tell me – LOL. I love that hat! I’m glad you were able to make it work. It’s so cheerful and is sure to make Hannah smile when she puts in on (plus Mom love).

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