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Eye Candy Friday

Yes, it’s November first and this monarch is most likely well on his way to Mexico. But. I’m sharing this today because (a) I forgot to share it back in early October when I took it and because (b) it’s pretty much the opposite of what November looks like around here. For now the zinnias are still blooming (although they are small and die quickly after I pick them) yet I know that very shortly they will be gone like the monarchs, the leaves will be off the trees, and everything will be . . . brown. So I’m posting this to remember the beautiful colors of summer as we head into the dreary brown of November.

There’s nothing dreary about the weekend, though! Let’s enjoy it like a monarch on a zinnia full of pollen!

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  1. Thanks for this spot of color! We have already achieved brown. But it is still the weekend. Make it a good one.

  2. Yep. The dark and dreary months are (almost) here. (I say almost because there are still SOME leaves on the trees here, and they’re pretty colorful. But any day now? Not so much.) We’ll have to find interesting ways to bring light and color into our days! Happy weekend! XO

  3. Still a bit green here, but I live in the Midsouth. Things will change quickly as the temps have dropped below freezing at night. Time for Hygge!

  4. Beautiful. We have had several overnight frosts – no zinnias left. Late last week I saw monarch’s in Connecticut though. Happy Friday.

  5. ha! I saw the photo and thought WOW, and I thought it had been warm HERE in October 😉 … on my to-do list for weeks now is to gather (and now share) Sept/Oct daily photos. I’m sure I’ll find some cross-season joy to share, too!

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