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Sunday Funnies

In keeping with tradition, and because I think Sundays should be a day of rest and relaxation, I will just be posting a funny carton, meme, image or something similar, each Sunday for the month of November.

Today’s is rather timely.

Hope I made you laugh!

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  1. Ha! Strangely enough, my oven clock is super easy to change, easier even than the plain digital clocks in our bedrooms. Getting the alarm setting on my Fitbit to be the right time, though? Nearly impossible.

  2. you did! fun fact – the ONLY clock that needed updating in our lives is the microwave. even our cars have become smart!

  3. You DID make me laugh! I had to get my car manual out this morning to re-set my car. (Why don’t they make it easier????) XO

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