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Eye Candy Friday

We had unseasonably cold weather earlier this week and all of my outside plants are done which just makes me extra grateful that this begonia, which lived under the pergola all summer, is currently thriving in my office at the library. Honestly, it’s a little overrun with plants there right now but I love seeing living things around me. Most are green so the red leaves on this one are especially appreciated.

I appreciate the weekend, too, but I’ll see you back in this space tomorrow!

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  1. I am always in awe of people who have actual living plants … seeing them thriving, especially in the winter, must make you smile!

  2. Your office will be a welcome reminder that winter doesn’t last forever. If you notice an uptick in visitors in mid-January, this may explain a few of them.

  3. I hope it continues to thrive — that’s such a wonderful bright color to see when there’s such a lack of color outdoors!

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