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Looking Back: January 2020

I’m totally stealing the format for my photo mosaic and one second video share from Mary this month. Here are the photos I took to represent each day:

And here’s the video of 1.5 seconds from each day:

And here are the questions I want to consider as I think about January 2020.

What did I learn? a regular yoga practice is enjoyable and good for me

What was my greatest accomplishment? finishing my Stopover sweater

Where did I go? work, of course. Plus Boston for a weekend conference and one day I even went to the mall – shocking!

Who did I spend time with? And what did we do? Dale, always. Plus Jackie and my kids, we had a planned dinner party plus several impromptu gatherings at home

What brought me joy? Jackie, of course and always. That Le Creuset dutch oven, something I’ve longed to have for ages. Twinkle lights. And our new living room furniture.

What do I want to remember? Jackie’s laugh and how fast he runs, finishing socks and a cowl, plenty of hygge at home. Gratitude for routines and simple pleasures like flowers, sunshine and good cheese.

Onward to February!



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  1. Sounds like you had a great month! This is such a great way to look back.
    I keep thinking I’d like to do something like this, but I always seem to forget…

  2. What a great way to showcase and remember a month, Carole! (That Mary had a great idea.) And Dale’s sequined jacket is AWESOME. XO

  3. 🙂 What a great month, Carole … I’m struck by all those snacks and Jackie smiles in your daily photos. The Q&A adds a nice perspective to tell a WHOLE story. (I think I’ll borrow a few of those for my lookback this month!)

  4. There is so MUCH good/great here! So many beaming smiles, such yummy looking food, Jackie and (of course) a sequined jacket! Very nice Carole.

  5. Good cheese is always a pleasure — I am always grateful that cheese exists (and that I can eat it without it giving me a hard time)!

  6. A man in a sparkly jacket AND vacuums. Boy, Dale is definitely a keeper! Love seeing how much Jack has grown.

  7. Shimmy, Dale, shimmy! And I love the one of Dale laughing. (I just noticed that everyone above loves those as well. I guess we are predictable.) I think you should get someone to include YOU in one of these, Carole. You know, Carole the participant instead of Carole the observer. What is that at second 35 in the video? Jackie continues to grow, grow, grow.

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