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Eye Candy Friday

I’m having a little problem with my email . . . so if you don’t get a direct response to your comment this weekend just know that I’m working to get it fixed. I also updated WordPress yesterday and now I can’t figure out how to resize images. Good times with technology over here.

In the meantime, look at these beautiful flowers. Mary arranged the bouquet for me from the arrangement that was at Randy’s memorial service. I love that she shared them and they remind me of all the love that has surrounded our family for the last few months.

Find something to love this weekend, friends.

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  1. Maybe even something to love that’s not technology. (Haven’t we all been there?) Happy weekend!

  2. That is a beautiful bouquet, in how it looks and what it symbolizes. I hope you have a good weekend and the technology gods smile upon you favorably.

  3. That Mary seems like a pretty special lady. Have a wonderful weekend Carole and I hope you get your tech world all straightened out! xo

  4. Beautiful flowers — and a beautiful sentiment they bring! I hope your weekend is full of many things to love.

  5. What a beautiful photo, Carole. I like that it is right in my face! Technology is either fabulous or horrible. I hope it turns fabulous for you over the weekend. Have a great one.

  6. so sorry about your tech issues. and so glad you have those beautiful flowers, arranged by a friend. to remind you about the good things. happy Friday, my friend, and best wishes for a love-filled weekend. (and fixed tech issues 😉

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