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Wednesday Update

I did something yesterday I never expected to do in my career as a Library Director. I changed the greeting on the library’s phone and it now says the library is closed until further notice.


Such simple words but such big impact on a community. I felt like I slammed the door shut on knowledge and freedom. I realize that sounds dramatic but when you believe in the importance of the library as strongly as I have for my entire life then closing that building is a really big deal.

In the meantime, I scheduled a staff meeting on Zoom today where we will discuss scheduling and offering some sort of curbside pick up for library users as well as ways to encourage our users to take advantage of our online resources such as Libby and Hoopla and Tumblebooks. It felt good to actually go to work and make a plan for how to deliver services even when we can’t open our doors to them.

It also felt good to get emails of your comments. I think it might actually be fixed!

What’s good in your world right now? Focusing on that can help us all, of that I’m certain.

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  1. Carole, I would say what’s good in the world is you and others like you that are soldiering on during this time. Our libraries are closing today for the foreseeable future, and I am very sad about that. At least I can still get books through Overdrive, but I bet I will have to wait for them longer than usual. Oh well, I will say what I always say, “who complains about free books?” Hang in there and share good in the world with everyone you can!

  2. Our library system also closed — and told everyone who has materials out to keep them for the time being, with no worry of fines or late fees! It’s unprecedented but totally understandable. And thank goodness for online/digital resources! Like many voracious readers, I think if this were 20 years ago, I’d be going crazy without much to read, but thankfully I have many options.

  3. Thankful for so many online resources for books today AND audiobooks! I’ve always been an independent worker but now I’m home alone with no outside distractions. I’m so grateful for the company of my audiobooks. I’ll be re-listening to many of them in the coming weeks.

    Hang in there and stay safe!


  4. I agree with Becky. It’s sad that your library and so many other valuable resources have had to close, but it’s also very good that there are many people like you and your staff trying to do the best that they can, however they can. Look for the helpers, and you and your staff can count yourselves among them.

  5. I, too, am so sad that my library is closed. That is perhaps the scariest thing or maybe the thing that made all of this real in my life. I think that curbside book pick up is an excellent idea! It sounds like we are all going to have to think outside the box to function over the next several months!

  6. Not good,our library closed last week. But we have a lot of online access and the community is affluent enough to mostly have a device to access it.

    Unfortunately the best thing in my life is people are social distancing hard here except for a few thoughtless people. On the flip side, people are keeping in virtual contact, so that’s good.

  7. Crazy times! I love the idea of curbside pick-up too and I can imagine the subscriptions to Libby, etc. are going to soar!

  8. Our library closed last week through April 12 (or 13), and they asked us not to return books during their closed period — and extended all the due dates to April 13 (which was a boon for me!). I’m thinking they’ll end up doing some sort of curbside service after the closure period, though. I’m sorry to see the libraries close, but it’s the right thing to do right now. XOXO

  9. The closed library is a sad, sad thing. I wonder if the larger library systems could help the smaller systems so people would have more choices. I know that KCLS is working to make online materials available to students at our school even if they don’t live in the area.

  10. Also agreeing with Becky. I have a very long and compelling book (“Rise and Kill”) out which is taking forever to read. And my stash is sufficient to keep me knitting for a long while. I don’t mind staying in – but for those with cooped-up children at home, it must be trying.

  11. Our libraries are closed and not assessing fines but I have been able to receive digital books that I had on hold. We just had a 5.7 earthquake with extensive damage in SLC. It was SO frightening (and still is) as we feel like the next shoe has to drop. Stay safe, Carole! I’m so glad you are home and well.

  12. These are strange times we are living in. I think many of us are being called to do things we never thought we would have to. Thank you for creatively attending to your patrons needs. In such a time of upheaval, some level of connection is so important.

  13. I’m so worried about our library closing. They are doing a curbside thing but we don’t have internet at the house and my daughter’s college has just gone to online only and every place she normally goes to use the internet has closed. I’m so afraid she’s going to have to drop out for the semester and we’ll have wasted the tuition and whatever it would do to her records. Scary times!

  14. I saw that Scribd is also free right now … of course we aren’t the folks who NEED the books. I’m really sad that I had a Hold Available for Pickup the day before our library closed (indefinitely) … and look forward to when the library opens up again and it will be waiting for me!

  15. Being able to work from home-though cumbersome with 2 laptops, and knowing my family members are doing everything to stay safe and well. Curbside service-what a great idea for the library-maybe ours will consider that as well. Great concept!

  16. My local library was one of the last, if not THE last, to close in our county. In our low-income rural area, the library is the only access to the internet, and hence, to online education for students, that many people have. It breaks my heart to not have that place open, but I know it is for the best. No confirmed coronavirus contagions in my county… yet. Oh, and I loved your anecdote about Dale waking you up to go outside in the snow!

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