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Looking Back: March 2020

If I’m going to be completely honest (and I try very hard to be completely honest when I share my thoughts, feelings and ideas with you) I’ve been avoiding looking back at March. We started this new way of life on March 13th and I’ve just been avoiding reliving the marked change that has brought for us . . . mostly in the removal of in-person time with Jackie. But, documenting our life in photos and videos is something I do and if I’m doing it I’m sharing it. So here we go.

What did I learn? How to bake sourdough bread! Sean shared his started with me early in the month (before it became trendy, ha!) and I made two really great loaves of sourdough bread. I’m going to make some again this week.

What was my greatest accomplishment? Finishing that puzzle of New York City!

Where did I go? Last month I said nowhere as often as possible. This month that’s really true.

Who did I spend time with? And what did we do? At the beginning of the month we were with Brant and Dale’s friend Dennis as they were both in town for Randy’s memorial service. By the end of the month it was all Dale, all the time. Good thing I like him.

What brought me joy? Seeing spring arrive in my yard. It’s a wonderful reminder that even as we feel like things are falling apart the natural world continues on.

What do I want to remember? That I can survive change. That I can find joy at home. That technology is a wonderful tool for staying connected when you can’t be with people, whether that’s family, friends or work. That life is precious and should be celebrated every single day.

I won’t pretend I’m excited about what April may have in store for us but I will say that I will face it with courage. And an open heart.

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  1. I am so glad you shared this, Carole! (and you were my inspiration to figure out sourdough!!) Love you! XO

  2. I miss seeing Jackie in your photos, so I know your heart must truly ache. Thanks for sharing and showing us that we, too, can survive change. XO

  3. Courage and an open heart – two very important things that I know you have. We WILL get through this!

  4. Change is hard. But we can do this! Keep your heart wide open, Carole. Everything else will follow. XOXO

  5. I’ve been saying that about Doug…good thing I like him! 🙂 We will push on and take in the blessings that we do have during this time. I agree though…April could be tough!

  6. Looking at the whole month of photos, I can very clearly see the arrival of spring. For me, the colors of the flowers and the greening of the branches are really lifting my spirits (though that noisy bird that woke me up this morning needs to go elsewhere). Let’s hope that April brings happy things!

  7. I’ve been putting off my Lookback – clearly, I need to Just Do It! (and I love the questions you answered … for sure going to copy at least one or two of them) It is wonderful to see Spring start to show up for y’all. and I have been getting a huge kick out of all the sourdough in my Instagram feed. Your loaves look great! (were they delicious too?)

  8. We are all in the together, that’s true, but you seem to have many of the effects figured out and you’re using your time well. Thank you for showing the way.

  9. I have loved seeing how people have made adjustments, no matter how hard, in order to stay in touch, active, involved etc. As others have said-we are all in this together.

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