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Eye Candy Friday

Full disclosure that is not my photo, it’s from Word Swag. And I think it’s a lovely way to welcome the month of May. Do I dare perhaps hope that good changes are coming this month? That I might see my Jackie? That I might gather around a fire with a few people I love? That perhaps I will have a plan for reopening my library?

I don’t know if any of those things will come true but I have hope and I’m holding it close.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Fabulous picture, and thanks for sharing it. Fingers crossed that all your hopes come true this month.

  2. I hope that this month will see us all reuniting with our loved ones, even if we still have to be careful. Happy weekending!

  3. Yes, we dare to hope!
    Happy May Day all! I hope Pelosi’s bill to pass paid sick for all passes! ?

  4. My greatest wish is that we’ll all know when the time is right, but yep, all those things and a few more.

  5. I love Tulips! I am hoping you are right and you can see Jackie. I became a great aunt again today (a few weeks premature) and am hoping to see her in person before summer.

  6. Happy Weekend! and yes, happy May … I think we’re going to see our boys in June. and I have to say, my heart lightens just thinking about that!

  7. Tulips make the perfect Welcome May photo! Here’s to hoping things start get back to normal. There have been so many protests in my state I think they are going to start slowly reopening things.

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