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Sometimes Mondays

Are the perfect time to set intentions for the week.

I’ll be honest, friends, I’ve been struggling. There’s the pandemic . . . and the news . . . and the obvious (and sometimes not so obvious but just as dumbfounding) racism, not just on the national level but in my own circles . . . and the trauma from Dale’s recovery. It’s a lot and I’m worried and anxious a lot more than I ever remember being.

So. This week I’m setting intentions to help me focus on good things. Things I can control and predict. Things that will bring me peace.

This week I will . . .

Journal every day. I’ve gotten away from my journaling but I’m committing right now to a daily practice again, even if it’s just a few doodles or pasting in a photo that makes me happy.

Stop the Facebook scrolling. I had been doing pretty well with limiting my time there but lately I’ve been drawn in and it’s too much. Between the ignorance and hatred I see in some groups, the frightening news articles well meaning friends share, and the drama . . . well, it’s too much right now.

Focus on things I can do. I can’t predict how long Dale’s recovery will take but I can encourage him to work hard at it. I can’t stop people from risky behavior like attending COVID parties (seriously?) but I can weigh the risks and make decisions that feel right for me. I can’t stop racism on my own but I can choose where I spend my money, I can keep reading to educate myself, and I can call out the hatred when I see it.

Underlying all of this I will breathe. I will look for joy. And I will be open to the gifts that come my way.

Let’s have a good week.

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  1. this is really great…and great advice. I woke up with tremendous anxiety. Monday’s are crazy for me. I have been saying over and over, “do what you can do, then let it go.” That’s what I can do. I cannot change the pandemic or economic crisis. I can only do what I can do. We’ve planned and adjusted and made what changes we can to the budget. Now we just have to live. And living in that stress is not living. So I will do what I can do, and then, let it go.

  2. I feel much the same and have been trying to focus on many of the same things. Well said and let’s make this week a good one!

  3. I’ve been trying to limit my exposure as well, it’s been helping a lot. I’ve taken the town pages of my newsfeed and stopped following people who continually share hatred and bigotry (on both sides). I think I’ll try to also use this intenting setting exercise, thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Thank you for always writing positive notes. As I was going to my dr appt this morning a wave of anxiety hit me and now reading your post made me to start thinking about goals and what I need to do to accomplish them. I have been trying to post something positive or cheery in the mornings because I believe we need to be reminded of the beauty and the good around us. That negativity is very disheartening. Again Carole thank you!

  5. I hope your strategy is successful in helping to relieve your anxiety. There’s a lot going on to cause us heartache right now, but there’s not much any one of us can do on our own to fix it all. A bit of advice I’ve seen given in the Ravelry forums a lot is “Put your own oxygen mask on first,” and I’ve really taken that to heart recently. We can’t be helpful to anyone else if we’re not taking care of ourselves, so prioritizing your mental health right now is a good thing.

  6. Um, I was just going to whine that it was 80° at 5:00am.

    I find editing my intake tremendously helpful. Sometimes I move those apps that cause me stress off my home screen to help me not be tempted.

    Make it a good week.

  7. Hang in there Carole! It’s hard not to feel anxious these days. Your plan sounds good to me–esp staying off the FB scrolls!

  8. I love this & thank you for the positive vibes. I have been trying to do some of these things as well, sometimes successfully, other times not so much. The intent is definitely there! Have a great week & healthy thoughts to Dale?

  9. All of this! Thank you for summing up how many of us feel. I am avoiding FB…no scrolling. And I am really avoiding friends that just don’t seem to get any of this.

    Here’s to a great week!

  10. This is a hard time to be living in. You are right – let’s breathe and focus on the good. Journaling is a big help to me. I decided to focus on the day at hand. If I start to think about the future, I get very anxious. You have a lot on your plate. Take good care. The Eye Candy Dalia was beautiful by the way.

  11. I feel much the same. It started with being laid off and no income for 6 weeks, so much anxiety and uncertainty. I have pretty much avoided social media other than checking in here and there now, because the constant negative chatter makes me to feel anxious as well. I think it’s wonderful that you find some peace with your journaling and keeping things positive. xoxo

  12. Our country is in such an upheaval. Last year I ordered the book Jesus Calling…….Enjoying Peace in His Presence by Sarah Young. It is daily devotions for every day of the year. Reading a daily devotion before I start my day really calms me. Each of us has to stay strong and mindful in these trying times.

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