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Looking Back: July 2020

We’re 10 days into August (whaaaat?!?) and it’s high time we took a look back at July.

Here are the photos:

And here is the video:

And now for the summary:

What did I learn? 
That routines and regular spaces are important to an injured individual. I don’t regret our trip to Maine but it certainly took a toll on Dale. I think being in an unfamiliar and mobility challenging setting was very difficult for him. Thankfully, he has regained that ground and then some and I’m seeing a huge amount of progress in his mobility and all around recovery now.

What was my greatest accomplishment? 
Growing zinnias! I got the seeds in the ground SO late, I didn’t have high hopes for them. They are thriving despite our dry weather and last Friday I picked 51 blossoms!

Where did I go? 
Maine. And it was beautiful and relaxing despite the challenges. Other than that, we’ve been at home. No dining out. No shopping other than the grocery store. We’ve adapted to the routine fairly easily and it mostly doesn’t bother me, I’m sure that’s in large part to the fact that the kids are in our bubble now.

Who did I spend time with? And what did we do? 
Dale, of course. And a few coworkers now that the town has ended the furlough for a few of them. And Jackie. If anyone has accepted the forced changes of the pandemic, it’s him. We took him to a local spring to get water last week and as I got him out of his car seat he looked at me and said, “Nana, I need my mask.” That both breaks my heart and makes me proud.

What brought me joy? 
My family. Always. Hannah and Jess have been so helpful throughout this time of recovery for Dale, I couldn’t do it without having them to lean on.

What do I want to remember? 
I say this every month but I’ll say it again: all of it. Even the hard stuff is valuable, even the low points are important, because those are the moments that illustrate so clearly when the good stuff comes along.

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  1. Jackie is an excellent model. “This is what we need to do? Ok, let’s do it.” Kids are so much better at group behavior and empathy than adults.

  2. I love those zinnias (and the succulents, too)! Seeing Jackie dancing is a great way to start my Monday morning; thanks for sharing his joy!

  3. It is definitely hard to see the little ones thinking about masks and keeping their distance from others, but it’s also encouraging that they do it all happily — unlike some adults in this country, who are throwing tantrums about doing small things to protect others.

    I know the trip to Maine was challenging, but it sounds like neither of you was worse for wear. And didn’t it do your hearts good to do something that felt a bit normal?

  4. I love little one’s thinking and reasoning, ‘just wear the mask to stay safe’, no politics, just do it!!!!!
    Your July pictures, the month was full for you and your family!

  5. It looks like it was a great month, even during a pandemic, Carole! That’s something that you and your family should be very proud of. Jackie is so stinking cute! I hope August is just as satisfying as July.

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